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  • Oval Cut Fire Opal

    I found a fire opal on a mob, so I decided I would make this and mount it on my Gold Veil. Now I'm trying to figure out the enduring breath part. Reading the description, it fills my lungs with air for 27 minutes and consumes fish scales to cast. I can't figure out how to cast, but I dove underneath the water and didn't see the breath meter. I also didn't see an icon counting down how much time I have left. Do I just need to pay attention, or as long as I'm wearing this, I can swim to my heart's content?

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    As long as you are wearing the item you can breath underwater. The spell description can be misleading for spells on items.


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      Fire opal is Faerun iirc which gives EB,see inv,and infravison:-)
      My bad Star ruby is Faerun:-P
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