I'm doing this quest right now (just came back after 4 years.. I may have a very old sig attached )

Anyways, for the Expert Jeweler Test I have to make
1 Velium Practice Earring
1 Palladium Practice Earring

Which have replaced these two combines listed on the page (they appear in the same spots on the list respectively)
Create 1 Palladium Lapis Lazuli Earring using tradeskills. (Deliver 1)
Create 1 Jaded Palladium Bracelet using tradeskills. (Deliver 1)

(with the rest being the same)
ps: failing the trivial 16 pottery combine to fire my artisans seal was extremely disappointing, good thing I made the JC combine

Edit: With reference to said very old sig - is there any reason that my pottery and research skills could have gone DOWN a couple points each? Or is the only explanation that I made my sig wrong?

Edit again: I looked at the database submissions forum and this has been reported there.