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  • Pleasent Surprise

    Logged on last night and looked at my Dwerium Jewelry and was surprised to see the hp/mana/end went up from 350 to 400 and that all stats and saves are now 25. Day before it was at 350 and 19. Now here is question, Was this an intentional boost with patch as I am same level as day before 76? Will this stay or be nerfed?

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    Pleasent Surprise

    Same here. I have Platinum trio's on my level 45 Chanter. Yesterday they were 47 hp/mana, today 100 hp/mana plus.... much better. Now that the metals are level appropriate it will take a bit to educate folks but overall a much better change.


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      The recommended levels were moved from the gems to the metal. This is as permanent as any other change the developers make to the game. Using an appropriate metal for your gems will potentially yield you better results than just sticking them in dwerium.

      Also, you now can just upgrade the mounting and keep the same gems as you level.
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        I believe the increase in the HP/mana/stats was intentional. It is not just you.



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          Aldier has it correct
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