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    I am aware that the vast preponderance of recipes for any tradeskill must be "learned" in order to get the skill level up to 350. I am aware of this due to my finally asking friends for help and finding out that the reason that no matter how many recipes I try in either baking or fletching or blacksmithing with a trivial above 400 I do not get a "skillup" any more. Does the community know what the percentage that must be "learned" is? I've spent the past week working on tailoring camping/farming such wonderful materials as Xakra Kel Cord, tea oil etc. I apologize to the moderators if this is posted herein in a spot I didn't note. I promise I did do more than a bit of a search, not logged in but still searching, trying to find information on this. As an aside, I did manage to get my foraging above 200 on three toons, my begging above 200 on two toons and I got my bard's intimidation above 200 now while waiting
    (things I was not interested in before)

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    it completely depends on the skill.

    For fishing, you need all but just one or two recipes.
    For Fletching, I think I still had ~50 recipes I could have done
    For Research, I started at the lowest trivials and did every single recipe until I hit 350 - which took me up to ~Spell Tablets. There are hundreds more recipes I could learn.
    For Pottery, I had a couple dozen recipes I could have done.
    For Jewelcraft, there were quite a few - I didn't have to do that many of the OoW stones to finish and I didn't have to do all of the PoP items either, but I had a fair number of the legacy GoD recipes done.

    I would strongly suggest you go over to the veteran's forum on the EQ boards and look for Goodurden/Orbital's posts or look around for Adetia's posts/pages.
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