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    On various boards I have seen people say it is as little as 6 new recipes for a skill up, or as many as 50-plus. I have seen them say recipes of a low trivial or in certain alternative devices (i.e. mixing bowl) don't count.

    My experience so far has been that skill ups do not seem to be "X" new recipes, despite the combine device.

    So I had a thought. perhaps skill ups are based on a percentage of known recipes for a given skill?
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    I believe that the devs confirmed that no fail recipes don't count and recipes performed in special or specific containers don't count (for example the "kits" in jewelcraft that can only be made in the reinforced jewelkit). Also race specific don't count. I believe the number of recipes for pottery is ~21 and the number of recipes for research is ~53. Goodurden has counts for them all if I'm not mistaken - but yes, the count by skill does vary. It takes only a few fishing combines per skill up because there are so few recipes.
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      I started a thread on this a few months ago. It pretty much died for lack of posts or additional information. I have edited the post as I gained new information (echoes of Grand Librarian). the post is :

      but just to be easier, the number of new recipes learned to gain a skill up from my experiences:

      Baking - 14
      Brewing - 6
      Fishing 2 or 3 (alternates)
      Fletching 17 or 18 (alternates)
      Jewel crafting - 26
      Pottery - 21
      Research - 54
      Smithing - 27
      Tailoring - 16

      I am currently 250 fishing, 350 brewing, fletching, JC, pottery, research, smithing and tailoring. I am 346/13 on baking ( 43 recipes to go).