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Learning Crescent Reach tradeskill recipes

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  • Learning Crescent Reach tradeskill recipes

    In the patch notes today, they had the following:
    - The tradeskill trainers in Crescent Reach will train you in their recipes if you are above the skill that the training offers.
    - The merchants in Abysmal Sea that offer free tradeskill quests will now train you in prerequisite recipes when accepting the quest, once you have earned the refinement ability for that tradeskill.

    I went to CR, and talked to the trainers, and each trainer taught me a few recipes. I personally received skill up improves on the following tradeskills, so it appears these recipes do apply to 350 skill:


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    In CR ( key word is [ recipes ]:
    Researcher Akila for research - learn simple quill, simple ink, simple book binding and simple blank book
    Brewer Mesi for brewing - learn spicy sunrise, vanilla coffee, peppy juice, simple spiced wine, spicy sunrise and vanilla coffee
    Fletcher Fenuku for fletching - learn simple arrow, simple bow, simple bowstaff, simple arrowhead
    Smith Wamukota for blacksmithing - learn simple stud, simple file, simple stud, simple rings, simple chisel and simple file
    Jeweler Chuma for jewelcrafting - learn simple clasp, simple copper ring, simple brass armband and simple silver chain
    Baker Sanura for baking - learn simple oatmeal, simple muffin, simple pie and simple pastry
    Tailor Nabirye for tailoring - learn simple belt, simple socks, simple pants and simple shirt
    Potter Safiya for pottery - learn simple repaired plate, simple pot, unfired simple mug, simple mug, unfired simple arrow shaft, simple arrow shaft

    same in abysmal sea. pick the right npc and say [ please give me the recipes].
    Tailor Lyhin - Simple: belt, socks, pants, shirt and Wayfarer: wristguard, gloves, cap, patch
    Snokin Breaksteel (smithing) - Simple: stud, ring, chisel, file and Simple Aligned Steel : skewer, spike file, needle
    Ordin Wheasly (baking) - Ordin's Oatmeal and Wayfarer : muffin, pie, pastry, wheat crackers, loaf, cookie, fruitcake
    Ytimis Groglengrog (brewing) - spicy sunrise, vanilla coffee, galidnus' glad juice, wayfarer spiced wine, traveler's tea, wayfarer spiced tea, berry tea, rum tea
    Malkidiv U`Ycionuz (pottery) - Wayfarer: plate, pot, mug, arrow shaft, augment receptacle, crucible, watering can, vial and Unfired Wayfarer: mug, arrow shaft, watering can, veil
    Glirina Morningbloom (jewelry) - Simple: clasp, copper ring, brass armband, silver chain, pale nihilite pendant, pale nihilite ring, pale nihilite earring and Wayfarer Signet Ring
    Imildu woodstreak (fletching) - Wayfarer : arrow, bow, bow staff, arrowhead and Simple : taelosian honing stone, taelosian arrowhead, jagged taelosian arrowhead, veined taelosian arrowhead
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      One note on the Absymal Sea recipes - they won't just give you the recipes IF you've never done the "convert" GoD materials turn ins quests previously (and this is consistent with the patch notes). I ran around today and got all the recipes from everyone by just saying "recipes" with them targeted except for the potter. When I I said recipes to him, he told me "I will give you the recipes after you have helped us enough". Now, interestingly, he gave me the quest/task to make the Wayfarer Plates. Then after I had done those enough times, he gave me the task for the pots. After enough pots, he gave me the task for the mugs. Then after after enough mugs, he gave me the tasks for the arrow shafts. (My skill is >330) In between some of those tasks, I turned in ~130 - 140 chunks of Taelosian workers - he didn't give me the "convert" recipe until after I had done enough arrow shafts. All of those recipes were learned as I did them and saved in my kiln/pottery wheel favorites as I ran back and forth between the containers and the NPC. After he gave me the convert recipe, I got some text with a (or another) [recipes] prompt in it. So I said recipes to him and he gave me credit again for the plate, the pot, the unfired mug and fired mug, the unfired arrow shaft and fired arrow shaft as well as the crucible, watering can and vial. Very interesting.
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        The abysmal sea will only raise you to 54 per skill except for research. I've never used "recipes" to them. I hail them and go through a very, very short dialogue with them to get the phrase. Like Snokin Breaksteel for Smithing requires you to say "silly work" after each time you combine and turn in to get new materials. Fletcher Imildu Woodstreak requires you to say, "Aid", to him. One you have to say help another tasks et cetera...