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Beyond An Epic Request and An Epic Retelling

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  • Beyond An Epic Request and An Epic Retelling

    See this thread on Daybreak Forums: Artisan Quest

    As described, it requires discovery of recipes to complete parts of the quest.

    Player asks for help.

    But I post here as it seems that many who audit here would be interested.

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    That link is to a Tome of Mind Strike

    This was also posted a little while ago -

    I'm happy to add things here that need to be added - but it doesn't seem to be fully solved yet?
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      I must read Daybreak forums using Firefox browser. For all other web work I use Internet Explorer. It has my paste messed up. Your link is not giving me a good result either.

      Besides doing the Underfoot shawl, requiring the Thurgadin shawl, the prerequisites include two other trades quests that I did not have the support to do at the time.

      The new one has two parts
      1. Picking up ground spawns that satisfy the rhyme puzzle.
      2. Crafting an obscure recipe in each of the seven trades.

      The ground spawns are all discovered.
      Some of the recipes are still unknown, to my knowledge.
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