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  • Cultural armor guide for RoF

    I am a master artisan, have been for a long while. I have never done cultural armor before. I am thinking of making myself a set but am clueless where to start. I understand that there are quests involved, some dating back many expansions. I am level currently level 100 and part of an active raiding guild. My question is what do I need to make a set of the highest level cultural for my charactor? Do I need to start with lower level quests? Is there a guide? Is there a listing of the different pieces and what the stats are? Can someone help? Thanks.
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    Couple basic things about the way cultural armor is set up, and this to me helps when talking to people about the cultural armor and using the same terms for the same things.

    The armor has 3 components.

    The base armor, the symbol, and the seal.

    The base armor requires a very simple quest from the Tradeskill Quest NPC in your home town and usually involves a low level, maybe 15-20, area where you kill some trash for basic drops and turn them in for a book of cultural armor. This book is used for any level of armor and makes a set of patterns (tailoring) or molds (smithing) as needed for the armor. You can only make the armor of your race.

    The symbol is the type 16 (previously was type 11) augment that goes into the armor. This can be crafted by anyone that has completed the quest. The Tradeskill Quest NPC in your home town will offer you several different symbol tasks to do. You do not have to do them all or in any order, but if you wish to make that level of symbol, you need the patterns from the book. These are deity specific. You will use a blessed water for your deity in the combine but anyone can make them.

    The seal is the type 17 (previously was type 12) augment that goes into the armor. There are group versions of the seals that are crafted with pottery as well as raid versions of the seals that require a drop from the raid events. These provide the focus effects for the armor. To make the seal, you need a tinkered box, AOAA, Ambleshift's Opal Automated Amalgamator. Inside the box you combine 6 items:

    Tempering Chemicals (for your armor type) - Vendor
    Template Mold (for the armor type and slot you want) - Vendor
    Seal (for the slot you want) - Crafted (Smithing or Tailoring or Tinkering)
    Type 17 base aug - Raid Drop
    Epictheick's Lubricating Goo - Crafted (Brewing)
    Mechanoinstruction (for the focus you want) - Crafted (Research).

    That is a basic overview. As far as stats, the current expansion armor is called Regal and the symbols are Numinous.
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      Thanks for this. A couple of follow up questions. I am attempting to make a chest piece for my human monk with cleve VII - 26. I have the raid seal. I bought a soloist chest seal of the warchief which has the focus. (Hope this was the right one.) Which mechanoinstruction do I need? I can't seem to find a list. There are several for sale in the bazaar but they don't say what they are used for.
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        If you have the raid drop - you do not need the soloist seal. If you have the raid drop, you need to buy an Ambelshift's Opal Automated Amalgamator (or craft one yourself) and combine the raid drop (Primed Fragment of Fearlined Zeal), with Disuniting Mechanoinstructions, Epicthieck's Lubricating Goo, Leather Tunic Template Pattern, Tanning Chemicals, Fearlinked Chest Seal in the AOAA to make the Fearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the Warchief with Cleave IX - 32.
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