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Yet another skill-up and cost calculator

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  • Yet another skill-up and cost calculator

    I could have sworn I posted an earlier version of this, but I can't find any posts I wrote here that mention it.

    At any rate, I took a stab at combining a cost calculator, a skillup calculator, and a success calculator into one Excel spreadsheet. The result is here:

    Download and unzip the file, and open the Excel file inside it.

    The only cells you need to change are the ones highlighted in yellow, down the left-hand side. Everything else is calculated automatically.

    Most of the interesting info will be displayed in the Calculations section on the left hand side, but you can also get some useful info from the right-hand side.

    The cost per attempt is how much you pay to acquire the components for one attempt, before you even combine it. Sellback on success is how much you can sell the results for, and recovery on failure is how much you can sell any items returned on failure. Items returned on both success and fail should not be included in these costs.

    The sheet is protected so you can't make any changes by accident, but there's no password. If you want to tinker with the formulae, you can just unprotect the sheet from the Tools -> Protection menu.

    Play around with it, and let me know if you find any bugs.
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