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Drop Rates Lowered Each Patch?

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  • Drop Rates Lowered Each Patch?

    Just from personal observation, it seems that drop rates for tradeskill items (animal pelts, spider and spiderling silks) have decreased significantly within the last month or two. Here are a few examples that I have noticed while hunting with my druid:

    1. Pelt drops from Poachers in JPF. Used to be able to get at least a pelt or two per quad, within the last month they have dropped to maybe 1-2 per two quads.

    2. Spider Silk drops in EK. Crag spiders have started to have no-drop items, like the stuff for newbie armor quests in Rivervale. Am seeing silks drop significantly less. When collecting spiders for pbaoe, getting maybe 6 silks from 10+ crags/carrions.

    3. Spiderling Silk drops (Feerrott, Innothule Swamp, etc). The ones in Feerrott are dropping pristine spider silk and black spider silk along with the regular spiderling silk loot tables, so they are dropping less frequently. Couldn't say for sure on the ones in Innothule, because there was not a one on track when I checked there yesterday. I only checked these two zones because spiderlings are generally in good supply here.

    Anyone else have any feedback on this?

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    tell me about it...

    I went to the swamp because after killing everything with more than 4 legs in misty thicket to get some spiderling silks so i could finish my newbie druid armor quests. Last time i was there, you couldn't step two feet without triping over the little buggers.... This time it took me over an hour to find three of them and only one dropped spiderling silk... 1... 1 silk......


    Wonder if they want to make those available on vendors to help 'lower the amount of plat available' on the servers....

    bloody well hope no one at SoE sees that... they just might..

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      I said something about the silk drops lowered about a month ago. I noticed that it was really hard to farm silks if u were higher lvl like it seemed to do a lvl check. I got flamed for making stuff up glad to see others are seeing it now.


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        I don't think it has to do with levels; rather, it has to do with the drops themselves. Since the introduction of newbie armor quests (and other newbie quests in cities), the drop tables of mobs have been modified. There are now many different items that can drop off each mob, rather than just 2-3 as there were before.

        So, let's assume that a particular mob had two items on its drop table (spiderling silk and spiderling leg, for example), and could drop up to four items. You had about a pretty good chance of getting at least one silk off it. If that same mob has two additional items added to its drop table (for newbie quests), then your chance of getting a silk just got cut in half.

        Since spiderling silks only ever drop off newbie mobs, the leather padding market gets hit particularly hard by this change.

        Other commonly-farmed items are also affected. Spider silks and cat, bear, and wolf pelts of all qualities have seen lowered drop rates for similar reasons.
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          Glad to see the Spiderling Silk drop problem posted, and sorry to hear it is reflected in other types of tradeskill drops too. I /feedback'ed this several times at weekly intervals when it started right after the LoY patch. The programmers seem to have added several oddball 'froggie quest' drops to the Feerrott spiderlings' loot tables, i.e. different strange and useless types of silks and colors of fungus. Unfortunately that had the effect of squeezing out the spiderling silk drops to where the "per hour" drop rate now is maybe 1/3 of what it used to be. On Fennin the Bazaar price for Spiderling Silk has pretty much tripled with the decreased quantities available. Items that use the silk, like Leather Padding, have doubled. When prices get too high for this kind of item, I'm lucky that my character is a solo class who can darned well go farm his own goodies.... but this sort of thing is rough on beginning tradeskillers, especially the youngsters.
          Since I've had good results with at least one previous /feedback (quite some time ago though) , I'm curious whether EQ is ignoring Feedback in just this one instance, or if that's becoming a general problem lately?


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            Spiderlings were still dropping a lot of silks in WK as of this past Thursday, still got about a stack and a half in a little over an hour (of hunting them whilei was healing / getting my mana back).

            I haven't checked EK with my main yet, maybe I'll do that sometime.
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              i get leather padding from shadeling silk from the pit and shadeweavers and all the rockhoppers in shadeweavers for lq hide or kill greyhoppers in marus seru. i can ae the silk and quad the hides though so it helps a lot.

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                I usually hate to call "NERF!", but since I've restarted my Barb Shaman, I notice spiderlings are very, very rare in Everfrost nowadays. They used to be just slightly less common than the other mobs, now I've seen maybe 12 of them from level 1 to 5 spent in the newbie yard...

                Skeletons on the other hand. Ow! Barbs are *this* close to become Necros!
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                  It is good, every once in a while, to be correct inmy economic predictions. if you go back 3 or four months, you'll see I was concerned about the changed loot spiderling tables and the impact on things, such as leather padding, that rely (in part) on spiderling silk.

                  At the time on E`ci, spiderling ran for 2-4pp per, shadeling 1-3pp per, as it is less versatile. LP ran 25-28pp and had 5-8 regular suppliers.

                  I am the last regular supplier of leather padding, I think, and I am selling at 32pp, not because I cannot get more, but because I think any higher and many people will substitute farming. However, when I run out, I do see people selling at 40pp and they seem to sell.

                  Spiderling Silk is non-existant in the bazaar, generally, and although someone wil sometimes show up, see none available, and price at the old prices (and then hopefully I grab it to sew with!), the few suppliers are asking 10pp per. I do not know if anyone is buying.

                  Shadeling is cheaper. I can still get it in bulk for 3pp on a good day, but it is now often 5pp per, as its closest substitute is so much scarcer. I have contracted with some farmers to keep me in supply.

                  One bright spot has been foraging in MMC, but the two-four spiderlings I forage there per adventure isn't enough to overcome the drought.

                  Similarly, the crag spider changes has driven the price of a swatch of silk from around 13-19pp to 30-35pp per swatch. I had stopped selling in this market as I am gathering silks for my own use, but a friend pointed it out to me so I put up a stack at 30pp and they sold within an hour.

                  The market is very, very tight, and all I can say is, it is nice to see that sometimes the basic rules I rely on at work actually do work: decreasing supply jacks up market prices.
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