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Blessed Faydark Cloudburster

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  • Blessed Faydark Cloudburster

    So... there I was... just a wood elf ranger sitting there with his trusty Fier'Dal fletching kit.

    I add the components required to make the Blessed Faydark Cloudburster bow (2 standard bow cams-unstacked, reinforced planar beam, light mithril string, & mithril working knife) and hit Combine, and I get the message that I "fail to meet the requirements" for the combine.

    I play on Ragefire, a TLP server. This was my first attempt at a Cloudburster. I've failed on a Thunderbolt, and have made several Blessed Champion Arrows, so I know that my kit works. Has my kit lost its mojo? Or does anyone have an idea why this particular combine won't work?

    Thanks in advance.