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  • Fletching Problems

    I am just starting out in EQ and was wondering if someone could lend a hand. I am in cresent reach and am trying to learn fletching. I have the fletching kit and all the parts I need, but I cannot seem to figure out how to open the kit to make the arrows... I am getting a little flustered so if someone could step me through it would be GREATLY apperciated. I am trying to make "simple arrow" for cresent reach using "fletching kit". I have the tip, shaft, feather, and knok Just need to know the steps to combine them. I am not having any luck at all to open the kit and even begin the process.


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    Try these things:

    Right click on the kit.
    If it opens and you can put things in it, put one of each item and hit the combine button.

    If you right click and it does not open but you see a screen, with some elements being an EXPERIMENT button and a space for typing with another button called SEARCH near -- hit the EXPERIMENT button. Then put the items in as stated above.

    To proceed with your training, continue to load one of each item and combine until you make one product. After that, you can auto-load those components. Here is how: Use the typing space, typing a word from the product you just made, then touch the SEARCH button. The recipe will appear below. Touch the item in the "list" with the curser and the recipe will load automatically.


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      Ok, that is what i was thinking I need to do so, this is where my problem is. When I right click on it, nothing happens. The tradeskills window does not open or a window for the kit does not open. This is where I am little lost. Do I need to be a certain level? Everything I have done so far has been doing what it should. Any help would still be great and appreciated.


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        Ok, a simple mistake can make a huge difference. The fletching kit has to be equipped, BUT not in a bag or toolbox. That is where my problem was. Thank you Paloverde for your help.