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  • favor of druzzil

    no longer used in tradeskills or just doesnt have a tradeskill tag?

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    It's most definitely used; it's just missing the tradeskill tag at the moment.
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      ahh excellent and *whispers* are they worth something?


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        Worth something? No , not at all. i will be glad to dispose of them for you to save you the bother.....

        Heh think more like metallic drake scale worth. Going for 10-20K on the rathe at the moment.
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          woots! just found one on merchant *one happy bunny*


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            Same on Trib Grey. 10-20 with higher being more common. I saw one yesterday priced at 30 and left it alone (not worth it to me as bows are selling for 50 atm and declining). It disappeared shortly thereafter though, so someone probably bought it.
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              I've gotten two of them throug hunting.

              They're selling for absurd prices on the 7th hammer. Average is 30-50k, with some fools trying to get 60-80k a pop for them.

              The bows are sitting at about 100-125k average now. I've got a stack of each of the laminates and glue sitting in the bank. I've got a bunch of supplies to make bow cams on my tinker-bot as well. I just can't find enough of these at a reasonable price.


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                Bows on dro are already at 40k and under, the ancient practice of price slashing is dropping the value on the bow at an unheard of rate.

                Still a good return, but not as good as the 75k - 100k they started at.
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                  Hmm on 7th they started > 200k

                  i managed to refinance my fletching skillups with 4 of these with an average of around 180k. And all that from vendor and bazaar bought components, made around 400k profit me thinks

                  Of course now the price has dropped to a measly 80k or so :P