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Can anyone help me find Drake Wing Bones?

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    Emarr Bazaar

    Finally spotted some drake wing bones last night on the Emarr server for 5K apiece. Knew it would happen once the bazaar vultures realized there was a demand for them, so I'll continue attempting to farm them with friends or hope that eventually another tradeskiller has some to spare when they've completed their quest.

    I figure it'll be easier to do the quests as soon as possible...before prices in the bazaar get totally out of control! Have completed (in various levels) JC, Baking, Pottery, Smithing, Brewing and Research (yes, I'm a masochist). I have the drakebone combines left to do on fletching and the cragbeast backpack on tailoring (scored the LQ cragbeast skin in the bazaar last night for 25pp...Yay!!) and I'll attempt that combine tonight.

    I do have some leftover "parts" from the completed trophies, so if you are on the Emarr server...don't hesitate to send me a tell. I'll be glad to help you out if I can.

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      No Drake Wing Bones on Stromm

      On my server I have checked for Drake Wing Bones constantly at different times over the last several days and have not seen any Drake Bones for sale. Not 1 at any price!


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        Drake Wing Bones show up on Stromm

        Today there are 2 Wing bones for sale at 5K each. Less than some others have quoted on their servers.

        But still -- No Way---. I will stick with my 5% geerlok and hope that someday this will become reasonable.


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          The worst part is that SO MANY are needed!
          6 per Journeyman trophy! Are there really no other recipes of that level around??

          I had one on a mule, and a friend gave me 5... but I still need another 6 for my cleric's trophy, and my pally will need some as well if I ever get round to doing hers too!
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            Watch for Dragon Wing Bones. Not Dragorn Wing Bones, but Dragon Wing Bones. It's a 15 trivial in a fletching kit to turn those into 10 Drake Wing Bones.

            I bought a Dragon Wing Bone for 20K, made 10 Drake Wing, did my combines and sold my extra for enough to make back the 20K.
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              I have hoarded a bunch of wingbones and SOME spikes the hard one I haven't been able to find is the Girplan Feathers, which are going upwards of 5k each on Fennin.



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                Doesn't seem just a might unreasonable to expect a fletcher in the 200-250 range to be 65+? I thought Broodlands were supposed to have drake wing bones, but nothing there. Lavastorn seems a bit tough to solo at 65 (with my druid) for such a simple item? Shouldn't this be more a question of skill than level?
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                  No combine for bones

                  [QUOTE=Ueauvan] i suggested this on eqlive tradeskills forum as well

                  baking combines
                  skinning knife + drake wing = drake meat + drake wing bones
                  could do the same for spikes from claws and skinning knife or whatever [QUOTE]

                  Dont know what you did to make this happen but that combine does NOT work. Drake Wings are NOT marked for tradeskills. I tried this anyway out of desperation. Tried the combine in a spit DNC, tried in a mixing bowl DNC.
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                    Until the wings are tagged for tradeskill and the recipe is put in game, the drake wing are only useful for quests or vendor trash.


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                      That recipe was a suggestion made to the devs to add, not an actual in game recipe.
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                        Broodlands was the place for me. Solo'd and duo'd a couple hundreds drakes in Lavaspinner's and TD... 0 bones, 2 spikes. In Broodland, I got 2 bones from clearing the static red, black and blue drakes 3 times.


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                          I have 40+ drake wing bones and 20+ dragorn wing bones on my tradeskill mule. If you're on Bertox and you need some to finish the quest let me know - I have no use for them since the treant bows came out (much easier skillup path for me) - so you're welcome to as many as you need to finish the quest.

                          Send a tell to me or my trader Queletad if you need them

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