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What's needed to skill from 200 to 250

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  • What's needed to skill from 200 to 250

    So, I'm working on skilling up from 200 to 250 and put together a list of all the various parts and pieces needed.
    I've included it below in case someone else might be interested in doing the same.

    Some notes though... This list assumes no failure on the combines. All the various fly hooks are trivial down around 50, so there shouldn't be many of those. The prepared fish are in the 170-180 range, so failures there are unlikely, but can still happen. Some of the RoS combines are in the 300's, so expect failures on those. I plan to do the RoS combines last (when my skill is already near 250). I haven't completed the journey yet, so I can't attest that everything is on the list, but this is what I'm planning for.

    For the Fetid Basses, you'll need one of each size, except there's 3 large ones you don't need. When doing those, I'd recommend checking them off as you do them and chumming the other ones up into Homemade bait as you catch them. Also, do the sewer bass while there. Those are NoDrop and don't stack. I'm getting a skill up after every three or four combines. I haven't been paying close enough attention to the exact rate yet, but it's going at a pretty good clip.

    edit: I wasn't able to post the list in a way that would be easily readable here, so I've made it available at
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    Hmmmm... it didn't seem to like the table I pasted in from excel... will try to include it longhand...

    Item, Source / notes, qty
    Celestial Essence, crafted, 1
    Skinning Knife, crafted (blacksmithing), 1
    Filleting Knife, crafted (blacksmithing), 1
    Sculpting Tools, crafted (blacksmithing), 1
    Spool, crafted (blacksmithing), 1
    Scaler, crafted (blacksmithing), 1
    Conflagrant Fish Scale, crafted (fishing - needs RoS fish), 1
    Conflagrant Fish Scale Patch, crafted (fishing), 1
    Conflagrant Fish Scale Swatch, crafted (fishing), 1
    Silk Thread, crafted (from spiderling silk), 45
    Fresh Fish, fished anywhere, 2
    Roots, foraged, 67
    Giant Bat Fur, looted, 3
    Giant Mosquito Wings, looted, 3
    Small Mosquito Wing, looted, 3
    Piece of Rat Fur, looted, 3
    Wasp Wing, looted, 3
    Bat Fur, looted and vendor sold, 3
    Celandine Herb, vendor purchase, 67
    Dry Hook, vendor purchase, 14
    Treble Hook, vendor purchase, 14
    Circle Hook, vendor purchase, 14
    Tanning Chemicals, vendor purchase, 1
    Waterproof Paint Samples, vendor purchase (52k), 1
    Blessed Dust of Karana, crafted (pottery requires plains pebble), 1
    Hound Pike, fished: Blackburrow, 1
    Highland Pike, fished: Highpass Hold, 1
    Thunder Salmon, fished: Karanas, et al, 2
    Pine Cichlid, fished: Surefall Glade, 1
    Patch of Gnoll Fur, looted, 3
    Barren Croaker, fished: Barren Coast, 1
    Seaperch, fished: Barren Coast, Thalassius, Burried Sea, 1
    Fungus-covered Plecostomus, fished: various DoDH zones, 1
    Barren Flounder, fished: Erud's Crossing, 1
    Kerra Catfish, fished: Kerra Isle,Toxxulia Forest, 1
    Greengill Salmon, fished: Toxxulia Forrest, 2
    Clockwork Koi, fished: Ak'Anon, 1
    Stonefish, fished: Butcherblock, Jewel of Atiki, 1
    Boar Carp, fished: Crushbone, 1
    Cauldron Trout, fished: Dagnor's Cauldron, 1
    Koada Cichlid, fished: Southern Felwithe, 1
    Pixie Wing, looted in the Faydark, 3
    Faerie Wing, looted in the Faydark, 3
    Faerie Princess Wing, looted in LFay (faction hit), 3
    Thullian Mudskipper, fished: Fearrot, Innothule, 1
    Rujarkian Chub, fished: Innothule, 1
    Rathe Muskie, fished: Lake Rathetear, 1
    x-lb Fetid Bass, fished in various Kunark zones, 1 of each size
    Sewer Catfish, fished in various Kunark zones (no trade), 1
    Chokai Bass, fished: Chardok, 1
    Fogwater Trout, fished: City of Mist, 1
    Ikfish, fished: City of Mist, 1
    Wulf Fish, fished: Karnor's Castle, 1
    Cave Guppy, fished: Mines of Nurga, 1
    Danak Grouper, fished: Overthere, 1
    Kunzar Koi, fished: Sebilis, 1
    Despair Chub, fished: Swamp of No Hope, 1
    Krup Guppy, fished: Swamp of No Hope, 1
    Hatch Dace, fished: the Hole, 1
    Evergreen Salmon, fished: Warslik Woods, 2
    Fire Hornet Wing, looted in Burning Woods, 3
    Nightmare Cichlid, fished: Plane of Nightmare, 1
    Vallorian Discus, fished: Plane of Valor, 1
    Timorous Deep Toothfish, fished: Overthere (RoS), 2
    Overthere Threadfin, fished: Overthere (RoS), 2
    Sprat, fished: Silyssar, 1
    Herring (NoTrade), fished: Silyssar, 1
    Sea Salt Impregnated Chokidai Scale, looted in Overthere (RoS), 1
    Flawless Conflagrant Diamond, looted in RoS, 1
    Drake Wing Scales, looted in Skyfire Mts (RoS), 1
    Mountain Catfish, fished: Blightfire Moors, Sunderock Springs, 1
    Crescent Perch, fished: Crescent Reach, 2
    Splotched Sunfish, fished: Direwind Cliffs, 1
    Mountain Bass, fished: GoruKar Mesa, 1
    Mountain Trout, fished: Icefall Glacier, Steppes, 1
    Golden Perch, fished: Stone Hive, 1
    Blind Catfish, fished: Vergalid Mines, 1
    Bixie Wing, looted, 3
    Giant Wasp Wing, looted (mostly Stone Hive), 3
    Dragonscale Bullhead, fished: Dragonscale Hills, 2
    Shadow Trout, fished: Hills of Shade, 2
    Shaded Bonefish, fished: Hills of Shade, 2
    Wayunder Perch, fished: Loping Plains, 3
    Farwander Gar, fished: Loping Plains, 2
    Treated Silk Fibres, crafted (tailoring - need Dragon Egg & Silk), 1
    Cobalt Cod, fished: Cobalt Scar, 1
    Dragon Bay Snapper, fished: Cobalt Scar, 1
    Crystalline Cave Fish, fished: Crystal Caverns, 1
    Ry`Gorrian Toothfish, fished: Eastern Wastes, 1
    Iceclad Cutlassfish, fished: Iceclad Ocean, 1
    Salty Whitefish, fished: Iceclad Ocean, 1
    Frosty Cave Trout, fished: Kael Drakkel, 1
    Weary Wrass, fished: Kerafyrm's Lair, 1
    Grotto Bluegill, fished: Sirens Grotto, 1
    Red Roughy, fished: Western Wastes, 1
    Branch of Planar Oak, foraged in Plane of Growth, 1
    Medium Quality Dire Wolf Fur, looted, 3
    Gunthak Mackerel, fished: Ocean of Tears, 1
    Timorous Tuna, fished: Timorous Deep, 1
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      Well, I tried spacing things out so they'd be in columns, but the forum software shrunk everything to a single space. Sorry -- I tried.
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      try: Inventory/Flags/Spells tracker program - (sample output)


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        Rather than trying to figure out how to format it for here, I put the table up on the web. It can be viewed directly at
        -- Mewkus: 2100 dings on the server formerly known as Solusek Ro
        try: Inventory/Flags/Spells tracker program - (sample output)