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  • FAQ: Fishing

    As with other FAQ's, please post questions for which you need/want an answer in separate posts, and leave this thread for commonly asked questions and their answers.

    Q: I've reached level ___ and my fishing skill is stuck! What's wrong?
    A: Fishing is level-capped at (level*5)+5. This means you can raise your fishing skill to a maximum of 10 points at level 1, 15 points at level 2, etc. Also the maximum skill one can get in Fishing is 200.

    Q: I just looted an Ancient Fishing Pole (or some other special fishing pole), does this mean it can't break?
    A: No. It can and will break, just like a normal fishing pole.

    Q: Is there anything I can do to prevent my fishing pole from breaking?
    A: No. To clarify ALL fishing poles (vendor sold, tinkered, quested, mob dropped, etc.) have a chance of breaking.

    Q: I just reached fishing of 199. Do I need to stop fishing until I grandmaster in my desired tradeskill?
    A: Fishing does not count towards the "single tradeskill above 200" rule. Fish to your heart's content!

    Q: Sometimes my bait is used when I catch something, and sometimes it isn't. What's going on with that?
    A: Due to semi-recent changes to the fishing tables, whenever you get a message "You have caught something", no bait is consumed. Whenever you get a message that gives you the specific name of the item you caught, your bait is consumed.

    Q: Do the lures or special poles with fishing bonuses on them mean I will use less bait?
    A: Not really, though they will modify your base fishing skill, which gives you a better chance to catch fish, zone specials, etc. This may make you waste less bait on "junk" catches, but you're still going to lose bait/lures every time you catch a fish.

    Q: Ok, I've caught some oddly-named fish. What do I do with them, and why did I catch them instead of fresh fish?
    A: Many zones have special fish that swim their waters. Generally, they are pretty rare, even in those waters, so you will still catch fresh fish (Cabilis is the exception, the waters are so murky that you'll catch mainly just fetid bass). See for details on what special fish can be caught in which zones. You will find that contains recipes for making lures as well as skinning down a few types of fish into special items. Last, but not least, you'll want to visit to see which of your catch can be cooked into savory meals.

    Q: I just did a quest in Kerra Isle for a Kerran Fishing Pole, but when I try to fish with it, I get the "You can't fish without a fishing pole, go buy one." or "You need to put your fishing pole in your primary hand." message. What gives?
    A: Even though it's called a fishing pole, this is only a weapon, and can't be used to fish with. On a side note, while at 3 dmg 17 dly it's not very good for doing damage, it's great for getting 1HB skill up for those who have neglected it.

    Q: I was fishing on the boat the other day, and after a couple of casts, I got the message about land sharks or "You must be standing on dry land...". I didn't move at all!
    A: This is a well-known bug/feature, that it seems Verant just doesn't feel is worth the trouble to fix. If you move around on the boat, you may be able to find another spot that does work, at least for a little while.

    Q: I've seen fishing spears around. Can I use one of these for fishing?
    A: Unfortunately, no. While it might be satisfying, in a twisted sort of way, to stab those little fishies, this is not an option (nor is using ice comet on our finny little friends something that works!).
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    Waterleaf Scale now has a known use: Emerald Leaf Greens.
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      Originally posted by Doremi
      Waterleaf Scale now has a known use: Emerald Leaf Greens.
      Bump! Sheesh.
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        Using Fishing Spears

        on the note about fishing spears; actually, your handy-dandy wpns often will do wonders on fish but only certain ones not your everyday plain old 'fish'. If you run out of bait or break your last pole, many zones have fish that you can jump in and spear to your hearts delight.

        Going shark hunting was a long time favorite past-time for me. I spent many a day in many zones including Dagnors Cauldron spear fishing sharks. I just load up with two of my favorite dual-weild 'spears' and dive in the water and track em down.

        Many other zones offer aggressive fish that never sniff a bait but instead prefer live food. Sirens Grotto is a definate favorite of mine to this day.
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          Everfrost zone specific fish

          anyone know if EF has a zone specific fish and if so whats it called?

          Can't remember all TS levels but all about 150


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            It does not, though there is something funky for the Frostfell quests. I don't really know much about it.
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              Q: What level do I need to be to fish in X zone

              A: You may fish in any zone at any level, provided you are able to enter the zone and survive the process

              Q: What's the best zone to raise fishing in?

              A: Again, any zone can be used to raise your fishing clear up to 200 (the cap). Personally, I would suggest a zone which has no hostile mobs in the area for unmolested fishing, such as your home city or PoK.

              Q: What setup would give me the longest duration of fishing time without needing to restock?

              A: Well, there would be two items you would want.

              First, you will want the Fisherman's Companion which is clickie-summon Fishing Poles (which, themselves, are clickie-summon beer). This item is quested, follow the link to find all relevant information concerning the quest.

              The second item is much harder to obtain, and is the Anizok's Bait Dispenser. Despite the name, it does not clickie-summon bait. Instead, it is a two-slot container. Place ONE fish inside, and hit combine, and it will yield bait. How much bait depends on what kind of fish. It is a tinkered item (much like the other Anizok's items), and will require a bit of farming in PoI (or spending plat in Bazaar) to obtain all the necessary components.

              The Fisherman's Companion gives you an infinite number of fishing poles. The Bait Dispenser will let you turn just about any kind of fish into plenty of bait (to give an example, Fresh Fish yields 10, and is a common fish from nearly any zone). In short, these two items will effectively give you unlimited fishing.


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                Why can we not make bait in a tackel box? Heck in real life I have cut up fish for bait.
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                  Originally posted by Strokker View Post
                  Why can we not make bait in a tackel box?
                  Gunthak fishies

                  you can.

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