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  • 300+ brewing path

    Okay, there are numerous EASY skill up paths for baking nowadays.... (it's come a long ways since the days of the MTPs that I got my bakers to 300 on).

    Are there, truely, no decently viable skill up paths for brewing? (I'm hoping that I've just missed one, somewhere)


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    This is still pretty much it:

    0-122 Fetid Essence (can be used later in Smithing Bile Spine)
    135 Ol'tujim's Fierce Brew
    162 Jumjum Spiced Beer
    188 Faydwer Shaker (all store bought)
    248 Minotaur Hero's Brew
    335 Kaladim Constitutional (requires ground spawns)

    Alternative Routes:
    150 Sherry (all store bought items)
    187 Shar Vahl Essence (requires foraged or ground spawns)
    250 Clear Absinthe (all store bought items)
    282 Fish Fungus Wine (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
    295 Blindfish Pale Ale (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
    300 Rose Absinth (requires ground spawn from Oceangreen)
    335 Brut Champagne a bit more expensive but less farming

    There are a few other recipes out there, but getting the ingredients can be as much of a pain as collecting mushrooms.
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      Thanks. That's kinda what I had been thinking (although the listing out helps alot). I guess I just got excited by the baking path of the Raxil fish. Got my lil baker to make one around skill 55, the rest of his skillup was just time and cheap components (and I like to fish).


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        302 Goblin's eye special, Mins skill 300 to combine. Can do it around 280 with trophy. Goblin Part is very easy to farm.