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  • Taelosian Tea Leaves

    Before I realized what they were for I swear I foraged them once in a RoF zone, anyone else found this also? Tired of afk foraging in GoD zones over night and while at work..
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    I have tried very hard to redevelop my foraging habit on my druid when I'm out in RoF zones and I have yet to see any Taelosian Tea Leaves show up in Shard's Landing, Evantil or Grelleth which is where I've spent most of my time in the past month....not saying no, just saying I haven't seen any in at least those three zones (foraging habit = remembering to press the forage hot key every time you see the ability pop backup ) I've also set a second druid up AFK foraging in Shards and he's only gotten water, berries, goo and energy shards.

    A guildmate has been farming these during offtimes in GoD zones and he swears the drop rate has been nerfed. A week or so ago he was getting 20 leaves a clear, now he's getting 5....I told him it's just the RNG.....
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      Got brothers account running non stop non in GoD zones, double forage is nice and helps. Hes roughly doubling the amount I could forage in a given period of time. I have always foraged constantly so I just do it. The berries are good forage in SL as they are in Planar Energy Juice...Maybe I was in Breeding Grounds. If I go wipe Riwwi Qinimi and some other zone Ill get maybe 8 or so, not in each zone, but in all zones combined
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