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    Ack, You're sig is too wide and throwing off the entire page.


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      DoN recipe Iced Tea

      Q: Why am I getting a DNC when I attempt to make Iced Tea?
      A: There are two items labled Chunk of Ice, and they are both labled as being used in tradeskills! One's picture is a silver disk, and is also listed as a drink. The other's picture is a turquoise, and is not listed as a drink. You want to use the Turquoise one!


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        Q: I've heard rumors about a portable brew barrel. Is this true?
        A: No. The blackburrow keg is a quest-only combine container and cannot be used for normal brewing.
        This is outdated with the advent of the collapsed distillery
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          Your portable collapsing brewery can make wine porters easily enough. Put in 4 bottles of wine and get out one bottle of very strong porter.
          Each region has it's own version.
          And no Porters do not truly port you to that region.
          Dey just good after dinnah sippin beverages.
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            Also the Portable Drink Barrel is a portable brewing still. Only have 4 slots like the Collapsible Distillery but handy in a pinch.
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              what is a good way to build skill level to 300 for brewing ?, i am currently at 258 skill level


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                Kaladim Constitutional if you want cheap path to 300 and level the trophy to 7. Requires farming in north Kaladim. This is the slow method since you can only farm enough to make 9 combines every 6 minutes.

                There is also Blindfish Pale Ale if you fish a lot in corathus creep but they trivals at 295 and won't help get your trophy to level 7.

                For a fast but expensive path to 300 and level 7 look up Brut Champagne

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                  brewing skill guide, 0 to 300 fast

                  Brewing Guide

                  This guide is designed with speed in mind. Cost was less of a factor
                  though nothing here was very expensive. It is the quickest way I have
                  found to skill up your brewing from 0 to 300. The materials are all
                  vendor sold, and suggestions are made to keep traveling time at minimum
                  possible. You can get to 248 skill in about 2 to 2.5 hours. The skill
                  after this does take some time. Only 4 total recipes are used.

                  As soon as you get 50 skill (or before you get 100) you should go get
                  the tradeskill quest for brewing in the Freeport newbie yard. You do not
                  need to complete the quest now, though you can if you want. Some of the
                  items needed you will be making in this guide. By the time you get your
                  248 skill you should complete the quest. Once you have your trophy be
                  sure to equip it in your primary slot for every combine that you could
                  gain skill from so it starts evolving.

                  Start in Plane of Knowledge with the Vegetable Oil. All the mats needed
                  are vendor sold at the eastern trader building area. I believe I saw that
                  the vegetables were now vendor sold in unlimited quantities, but I cannot
                  be sure of this. In any case you can easily make your own in a mixing bowl.
                  The foraged vegetable also work.
                  Total Time: less than 1 hour.

                  The next 2 recipes should be done in Abysmal Sea. All of the mats needed
                  are found on the two nearest vendors to the brew barrel. All you have to do
                  is arrive with as much empty bag space as possible. Both of these recipes
                  return empty bottles which quickly consume bag space and are worth very little
                  to vendor so I just dropped all returns to the ground (even the finished
                  beverage wasn't worth much to a vendor). Dropping everything to the ground
                  saved lots of time as well. Plan to go here and stay until you have your
                  248 skill as having to come back later just wastes more time.
                  Total Time: 1 to 2 hours.

                  The final recipe includes the only ingredient that cannot be purchased by
                  vendors. They are easy to get however. You can pick these up at the mushroom
                  farm in Kaladim as ground spawns, or often buy them in the bazaar. I usually
                  farmed these myself. You can get 9 of each which respawn every 6 minutes.
                  Since there is downtime in between spawns I often found other things to do
                  while I waited, such as bringing the celestial essence mats with me to mix
                  there, or cast repeated spells to raise casting skills, or just AFK cleaning
                  house etc. You should plan ahead to get large quantities of these. The rest
                  of the materials can all be found in POK. When your trophy becomes 6/7 you
                  can even use this recipe to get that last evolve, but it will take about
                  1000 more combines. Any character can farm these and trade them to the character
                  that is doing brewing. Be careful when buying the Yarrow, it is very expensive
                  and the yeild is 6 per combine.

                  Vegetable Oil (trivial: 102)
                  ---[_] 1x Water Flask
                  ---[_] 1x Vegetables (foraged, or mixing bowl, trivial: 15)
                  ------[_] 1x Carrot
                  ------[_] 1x Lettuce
                  ------[_] 1x Turnip

                  Faydwer Shaker (trivial: 188)
                  ---[_] 1x Cask
                  ---[_] 1x Dwarven Ale
                  ---[_] 1x Elvish Wine
                  ---[_] 1x Gnomish Spirits
                  ---[_] 1x Mead

                  Minotaur Hero Brew (trivial: 248)
                  ---[_] 1x Cask
                  ---[_] 3x Malt
                  ---[_] 2x Yeast
                  ---[_] 2x Water Flask
                  ---[_] 1x Yeast

                  Kaladim Constitutional (trivial: 300+)
                  ---[_] 1x Corking Device (always returned, gnome only tinkering)
                  ---[_] 1x Cork (upstairs southeast trade bldg, stack: 50)
                  ---[_] 1x Bottle (east trade bldg, stack: 20)
                  ---[_] 1x Underfoot Mushroom (ground spawn Kaladim, stack: 50)
                  ---[_] 1x Strange Dark Fungus (ground spawn Kaladim, stack: 50)
                  ---[_] 1x Celestail Essence (mixing bowl, trivial: 15, stack 50, no-fail)
                  ------[_] 1x Celestial Solvent (west trade bldg, stack: 20)
                  ------[_] 1x The Scent of Marr (west trade poison bldg, stack: 20)
                  ---[_] 1x Soda Water (brew barrel, trivial: 58, stack: 20)
                  ------[_] 1x Soda (south trade bldg, stack: 20)
                  ------[_] 1x Water Flask (stack: 20)
                  ---[_] 1x Fermented Yarrow (brew barrel, yield: 6, trivial: 74, stack: 20)
                  ------[_] 1x Yarrow (west trade alchemy bldg, stack: 20)
                  ------[_] 1x Water Flask (stack: 20)

                  77 Paladin