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Food and drink durations

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    Just compiled this into an Excel sheet, a few things :

    12 Chunk of Sensate Reishi
    10 Pickled Dragon
    20 Trout Fillet

    10 Flask of Rathe Berry Juice


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      10 Sifaye Pickles (not Pickled Sifaye)

      Hearty Meal
      30 Tae Ew Skewers

      Whistle Wetter
      1 Spiced Grimroot Tea

      I think now we know all of them, except for what might be added with Gates of Discord and five meals (Dung Crawlers, Kedge Carp, Pickled Unicorn, Pot of Spicy Fish Stew, Sonic Wolf Sandwich).
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        Great List.. Heres another idea..

        This is a GREAT list. Exactly what I have been looking for. Now, how about taking those times listed and add the food durations to the food description record for easy access.

        What I mean is something like when you look up the quick trivial list for baking, there is a brief description of each item, the recipe for making the item and the trivial skill required. That first field that has a brief description would be so much more useful if it included information of this nature.

        Just a thought... Thank you once again for taking the time to create such a list and post it for us all to use. One hell of an effort deserves one hell of a pat on the back!


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          If Lucy or/and Magelo list them in their database, you can look up the durations yourself. Given the number of beer braised/beer battered/smoked/grilled/lemon flavored complete with 11 secret herbs and spices Gates meat recipes. . . . . you have quite a list ahead of you.


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            A simple table somewhere reminding people that Flowing is Greater? Less? than Enduring would be great too. It doesnt have to list all the foods associated with that category.
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              You seem to be lacking Rye of Eternity - foraged in PoTime

              Miraculous Meal(90) - as per lucy
              Syndell Jigokusakebigoe 70 Muse of Bristlebane


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                How to measure

                I found a way to get very precise measurements of how long food/drink lasts. I tested this using food. Make sure you have no other food in your inventory, and at most one stack of the one you're measuring. Pick up all but 2 of the food you're measuring and hold them on your cursor (so if you started with a full stack, you've got 18 on your cursor). Stuff on your cursor can't be consumed, so when one of the two in inventory gets consumed, you'll get the message "You are low on food." When you see that, put the stuff from your cursor back into inventory, and pick up one less, so you again leave 2 in inventory. So each time an item gets consumed, you get the message "low on food". Generate a log and look at the times.

                I used this method to check whether different races/classes/locations/etc. affect food consumption. I used Almonds, since they're easy to find, cheap, and get used up fairly quickly. I tested a halfling cleric and druid, human cleric and monk, and iksar monk. For the most part, Almonds got consumed every 9:36, which fits with the above listing them as 4 units, and units being 144 seconds. Monks consume at exactly half the rate. Halflings do not consume faster. Being on a horse exactly triples the consumption rate.

                What makes the timing a little tricky is that you don't actually consume the items at the times shown. I suspect the exact behavior might depend on the timing between your client and the server, but here's what I observed on my box. If you remain low or out of food/drink, you'll get a message about it every so often. For most characters, the messages come every 46-47 seconds; for monks they're 93-94 seconds apart. The times when food/drink get consumed are also tied to that interval. (What's probably happening is that every 46-47 seconds, it checks whether you're hungry enough to eat something, and while it's at it it warns you about being low or out.) But since 9:36 isn't a multiple of 46.5 or so, when you consume Almonds, the next consumption will happen either 9:13 or 9:59 later. My logs showed the character alternating between those two intervals.

                On a horse, the Almonds should be good for 3:12. To eat at multiples of 46.5 and average out to 3:12, I expected to see an interval of 3:04 five times and then an interval of 3:50, and that's exactly what happened.

                If you want to take measurements like this, be sure to wait until you hit a "steady state". The first consumption can take more or less time, depending on what and when you last ate. And if you start out extra-hungry, you'll consume one item every 46 seconds until you're no longer hungry, plus you might consume the next item sooner than you normally would.

                As noted above, halflings did not consume faster. I also didn't eat food any faster in cold places (I tried Everfrost and Great Divide); I didn't check drinks vs deserts. Being encumbered didn't matter, and carrying a Plains Pebble, imbued or not, had no effect.


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                  That's good information about the horse tripling the consumption rate. I'm interested in just how thirsty the desert zones are. The 46 seconds thing is confusing, but it does appear that one time unit is 72 seconds (144 if not clicked), not 60 seconds as I thought at first.

                  Here's a few more items. It appears some of the bugs in whistle wetters were fixed last summer. The only duration I still don't have is for Dung Crawlers (which are foraged in Firiona Vie). I suppose it's about time to add Gates/Omens/Dragons/Depths foods... maybe I'll make a seperate list.

                  Pot of Spicy Fish Stew isn't edible

                  5 Rotgrub Rye
                  10 Honey Mush Bread
                  10 Pickled Unicorn
                  15 Kedge Carp
                  20 Sonicwolf Sandwich
                  24 Sea Dragon Steaks
                  80 Karana's Heartfruit Salad
                  90 Rye of Eternity

                  35 Calamari (nodrop)
                  5 Raw Squid (nodrop)
                  20 Sharptooth Caribe (nodrop)
                  35 Caribe Fillets (nodrop)
                  20 Tropical Melon (nodrop)
                  20 Giant Catfish (nodrop)
                  35 Giant Catfish Fillets (nodrop)
                  60 King's Feast (nodrop)
                  20 Chub Fillets
                  75 Poached Chub
                  90 Muckskipper Chowder
                  80 Grilled Guppy
                  85 Herb Crusted Whitefish
                  25 Rujarkian Potato
                  20 Baked Potato
                  100 Cheesy Potato Soup
                  30 Escalloped Potatoes
                  20 Salty Whitefish Fillets
                  20 Eyeless Whitefish
                  15 Ry'Gorrian Toothfish
                  15 Bloodfin Trout
                  40 Jaggedpine Stir Fry
                  20 Grilled Kabob (nodrop) (from casino)
                  20 Roasted Mammoth Sandwich (nodrop) (from casino)
                  20 Vegetable Stew (nodrop) (from casino)
                  20 Wheat Bread (nodrop) (from casino)
                  30 Club Sandwich (nodrop) (from casino)
                  30 Glazed Kabob (nodrop) (from casino)
                  30 Herb Stew (nodrop) (from casino)
                  30 Sweet Bread (nodrop) (from casino)
                  40 King's Court Bread (nodrop) (from casino)
                  40 King's Court Kabob (nodrop) (from casino)
                  40 King's Court Sandwich (nodrop) (from casino)
                  40 King's Court Stew (nodrop) (from casino)

                  And for drinks:

                  1 Spiced Hollow Palm Tea (nodrop)
                  1 Sweet Payala Nectar
                  1 Shrieker fluid
                  1 Underbulk Bile (norent)

                  8 Coconut Milk (nodrop)
                  10 Bottle of Sweet Milk (nodrop)
                  20 Flask of Melon Juice (nodrop)
                  83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                    A few more


                    0 Hot Oatmeal (yes zero)
                    1 saltwater crab meat
                    1 dried crab meat
                    1 Olive
                    2 chocolate
                    3 Lime
                    5 cragbeast meat
                    5 dried cragbeast meat
                    5 dried hynid meat
                    5 dried tuna meat
                    5 Egg Batter
                    5 garlic
                    5 ginger
                    5 ginseng
                    5 Grimling Shaped Cookie
                    5 ground pepper
                    5 handful of tea twigs and leaves
                    5 hot red pepper
                    5 hynid meat
                    5 lemon
                    5 moldy tea leaf
                    5 nutmeg
                    5 onion
                    5 Shissar Shaped Cookie
                    5 small salad
                    5 Sonic Wolf Shaped Cookie
                    5 sweet green pepper
                    5 Vah Shir Shaped Cookie
                    6 thin sliced froglok meat (nodrop)
                    8 deep forest mushroom
                    8 ruhiri berries
                    8 twisted tuber
                    10 caesar salad
                    10 Chowderly's Delightful Tuna Cakes
                    10 Crab Sausage
                    10 Cragbeast Sausage
                    10 dwarven salad
                    10 elven salad
                    10 erudian salad
                    10 Hynid Sausage
                    10 medium salad
                    ?? Nest Dragon Sausage
                    10 Nest Drake Sausage
                    10 pan-seared orange tuna
                    10 Spicy Tuna Salad Sandwich
                    10 Taelosian Tuna Kabobs
                    10 Tuna Sausage
                    14 tuna meat
                    15 brasha berries
                    15 chameleon rat
                    15 green radish
                    15 saffron spiced mussels (norent)
                    15 slime covered planarian
                    15 spikerattle root
                    25 large salad
                    31 Taelosian Tuna A La King
                    40 nest dragon meat
                    40 nest drake egg
                    40 nest drake meat
                    45 Tuna Rice Surprise
                    50 emerald leaf greens
                    50 spiced heartfruit
                    50 spiced heartfruit greens
                    ?? Breakfast Feast
                    ?? Breakfast Gift Basket
                    ?? Dinner Feast
                    ?? Dinner Gift Basket
                    ?? Lunch Feast
                    ?? Lunch Gift Basket

                    and beverages...

                    ?? vale cocktail (drink)
                    0 lemonade (yes zero)
                    0 alcohol-free hard lemonade (yes zero)
                    0 generic coffee blend (yes zero)
                    6 chunk of ice
                    10 Almondilla
                    10 chocolate milk
                    10 iced coffee
                    10 miner's mud
                    15 cinnamon-spiced elven tea
                    15 taelosian green ginseng tea
                    15 taelosian green mint tea
                    15 taelosian green tea
                    15 taelosian white ginseng tea
                    15 taelosian white mint tea
                    15 taelosian white tea
                    20 iced tea
                    20 taelosian black ginseng tea
                    20 taelosian black mint tea
                    20 taelosian black tea
                    ?? berry ice cream float
                    25 cherry ice cream float
                    25 chocolate ice cream float
                    25 chocolate mint float (not ice cream)
                    ?? coconut ice cream float
                    25 coffee ice cream float
                    ?? lemon ice cream float
                    25 vanilla ice cream float
                    30 iced mountain tea
                    30 taelosian white mountain ginseng tea
                    30 taelosian white mountain mint tea
                    30 taelosian white mountain tea
                    35 taelosian green mountain ginseng tea
                    35 taelosian green mountain mint tea
                    35 taelosian green mountain tea
                    40 taelosian black mountain ginseng tea
                    40 taelosian black mountain mint tea
                    40 taelosian black mountain tea
                    ?? berry shake
                    85 cherry shake
                    85 chocolate shake
                    ?? chocolate mint shake
                    ?? coconut shake
                    85 coffee shake
                    ?? lemon shake
                    85 vanilla shake
                    83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                      many more

                      15 1 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      17 2 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      19 3 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      21 4 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      23 5 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      25 6 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      27 7 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      29 8 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      31 9 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      33 10 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      35 11 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      37 12 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      39 13 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      41 14 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      43 15 lb. Cragbeast Meat
                      15 1 lb. Hynid Meat
                      17 2 lb. Hynid Meat
                      19 3 lb. Hynid Meat
                      21 4 lb. Hynid Meat
                      23 5 lb. Hynid Meat
                      25 6 lb. Hynid Meat
                      27 7 lb. Hynid Meat
                      29 8 lb. Hynid Meat
                      31 9 lb. Hynid Meat
                      33 10 lb. Hynid Meat
                      35 11 lb. Hynid Meat
                      37 12 lb. Hynid Meat
                      39 13 lb. Hynid Meat
                      41 14 lb. Hynid Meat
                      43 15 lb. Hynid Meat
                      15 1 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      17 2 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      19 3 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      21 4 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      23 5 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      25 6 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      27 7 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      29 8 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      31 9 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      33 10 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      35 11 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      37 12 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      39 13 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      41 14 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      43 15 lb. Saltwater Crab
                      15 1 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      17 2 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      19 3 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      21 4 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      23 5 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      25 6 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      27 7 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      29 8 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      31 9 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      33 10 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      35 11 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      37 12 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      39 13 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      41 14 lb. Saltwater Tuna
                      43 15 lb. Saltwater Tuna

                      25 barbequed crab cakes
                      25 beer-battered crab cakes
                      25 beer-braised crab cakes
                      25 buttered crab cakes
                      25 garlic-buttered crab cakes
                      25 grilled crab cakes
                      25 lemon-buttered crab cakes
                      25 smoked crab cakes
                      25 spiced crab cakes
                      25 barbequed tuna cakes
                      25 lemon-buttered tuna cakes
                      25 smoked tuna cakes
                      25 spiced tuna cakes
                      25 grilled tuna cakes
                      25 garlic-buttered tuna cakes
                      25 buttered tuna cakes
                      25 beer-braised tuna cakes
                      25 beer-battered tuna cakes
                      1 barbequed crab meat
                      1 beer-battered crab meat
                      1 beer-braised crab meat
                      1 buttered crab meat
                      1 garlic-buttered crab meat
                      1 grilled crab meat
                      1 lemon-buttered crab meat
                      1 smoked crab meat
                      1 spiced crab meat
                      5 barbequed tuna meat
                      5 beer-battered tuna meat
                      5 beer-braised tuna meat
                      5 buttered tuna meat
                      5 garlic-buttered tuna meat
                      5 grilled tuna meat
                      5 lemon-buttered tuna meat
                      5 smoked tuna meat
                      5 spiced tuna meat
                      35 barbequed crab pie
                      35 beer-battered crab pie
                      35 beer-braised crab pie
                      35 buttered crab pie
                      35 garlic-buttered crab pie
                      35 grilled crab pie
                      35 lemon-buttered crab pie
                      35 smoked crab pie
                      35 spiced crab pie
                      35 barbequed tuna pie
                      35 beer-battered tuna pie
                      35 beer-braised tuna pie
                      35 buttered tuna pie
                      35 garlic-buttered tuna pie
                      35 grilled tuna pie
                      35 lemon-buttered tuna pie
                      35 smoked tuna pie
                      35 spiced tuna pie
                      10 barbequed crab rolls
                      10 beer-battered crab rolls
                      10 beer-braised crab rolls
                      10 buttered crab rolls
                      10 garlic-buttered crab rolls
                      10 grilled crab rolls
                      10 lemon-buttered crab rolls
                      10 smoked crab rolls
                      10 spiced crab rolls
                      10 barbequed tuna rolls
                      10 beer-battered tuna rolls
                      10 beer-braised tuna rolls
                      10 buttered tuna rolls
                      10 garlic-buttered tuna rolls
                      10 grilled tuna rolls
                      10 lemon-buttered tuna rolls
                      10 smoked tuna rolls
                      10 spiced tuna rolls
                      10 barbequed crab sandwich
                      10 beer-battered crab sandwich
                      10 beer-braised crab sandwich
                      10 buttered crab sandwich
                      10 garlic-buttered crab sandwich
                      10 grilled crab sandwich
                      10 lemon-buttered crab sandwich
                      10 smoked crab sandwich
                      10 spiced crab sandwich
                      10 barbequed tuna sandwich
                      10 beer-battered tuna sandwich
                      10 beer-braised tuna sandwich
                      10 buttered tuna sandwich
                      10 garlic-buttered tuna sandwich
                      10 grilled tuna sandwich
                      10 lemon-buttered tuna sandwich
                      10 smoked tuna sandwich
                      10 spiced tuna sandwich
                      35 barbequed crab souffle
                      35 beer-battered crab souffle
                      35 beer-braised crab souffle
                      35 buttered crab souffle
                      35 garlic-buttered crab souffle
                      35 grilled crab souffle
                      35 lemon-buttered crab souffle
                      35 smoked crab souffle
                      35 spiced crab souffle
                      35 barbequed tuna souffle
                      35 beer-battered tuna souffle
                      35 beer-braised tuna souffle
                      35 buttered tuna souffle
                      35 garlic-buttered tuna souffle
                      35 grilled tuna souffle
                      35 lemon-buttered tuna souffle
                      35 smoked tuna souffle
                      35 spiced tuna souffle
                      10 barbequed crab soup
                      10 beer-battered crab soup
                      10 beer-braised crab soup
                      10 buttered crab soup
                      10 garlic-buttered crab soup
                      10 grilled crab soup
                      10 lemon-buttered crab soup
                      10 smoked crab soup
                      10 spiced crab soup
                      10 barbequed tuna soup
                      10 beer-battered tuna soup
                      10 beer-braised tuna soup
                      10 buttered tuna soup
                      10 garlic-buttered tuna soup
                      10 grilled tuna soup
                      10 lemon-buttered tuna soup
                      10 smoked tuna soup
                      10 spiced tuna soup
                      25 barbequed crab steaks
                      25 beer-battered crab steaks
                      25 beer-braised crab steaks
                      25 buttered crab steaks
                      25 garlic-buttered crab steaks
                      25 grilled crab steaks
                      25 lemon-buttered crab steaks
                      25 smoked crab steaks
                      25 spiced crab steaks
                      25 barbequed tuna steaks
                      25 beer-battered tuna steaks
                      25 beer-braised tuna steaks
                      25 buttered tuna steaks
                      25 garlic-buttered tuna steaks
                      25 grilled tuna steaks
                      25 lemon-buttered tuna steaks
                      25 smoked tuna steaks
                      25 spiced tuna steaks
                      10 barbequed crab stew
                      10 beer-battered crab stew
                      10 beer-braised crab stew
                      10 buttered crab stew
                      10 garlic-buttered crab stew
                      10 grilled crab stew
                      10 lemon-buttered crab stew
                      10 smoked crab stew
                      10 spiced crab stew
                      10 barbequed tuna stew
                      10 beer-battered tuna stew
                      10 beer-braised tuna stew
                      10 buttered tuna stew
                      10 garlic-buttered tuna stew
                      10 grilled tuna stew
                      10 lemon-buttered tuna stew
                      10 smoked tuna stew
                      10 spiced tuna stew

                      10 barbequed cragbeast jerky
                      10 beer-battered cragbeast jerky
                      10 beer-braised cragbeast jerky
                      10 buttered cragbeast jerky
                      10 garlic-buttered cragbeast jerky
                      10 grilled cragbeast jerky
                      10 lemon-buttered cragbeast jerky
                      10 smoked cragbeast jerky
                      10 spiced cragbeast jerky
                      10 barbequed hynid jerky
                      10 beer-battered hynid jerky
                      10 beer-braised hynid jerky
                      10 buttered hynid jerky
                      10 garlic-buttered hynid jerky
                      10 grilled hynid jerky
                      10 lemon-buttered hynid jerky
                      10 smoked hynid jerky
                      10 spiced hynid jerky
                      25 barbequed cragbeast kabobs
                      25 beer-battered cragbeast kabobs
                      25 beer-braised cragbeast kabobs
                      25 buttered cragbeast kabobs
                      25 garlic-buttered cragbeast kabobs
                      25 grilled cragbeast kabobs
                      25 lemon-buttered cragbeast kabobs
                      25 smoked cragbeast kabobs
                      25 spiced cragbeast kabobs
                      25 barbequed hynid kabobs
                      25 beer-battered hynid kabobs
                      25 beer-braised hynid kabobs
                      25 buttered hynid kabobs
                      25 garlic-buttered hynid kabobs
                      25 grilled hynid kabobs
                      25 lemon-buttered hynid kabobs
                      25 smoked hynid kabobs
                      25 spiced hynid kabobs
                      5 barbequed cragbeast meat
                      5 beer-battered cragbeast meat
                      5 beer-braised cragbeast meat
                      5 buttered cragbeast meat
                      5 garlic-buttered cragbeast meat
                      5 grilled cragbeast meat
                      5 lemon-buttered cragbeast meat
                      5 smoked cragbeast meat
                      5 spiced cragbeast meat
                      5 barbequed hynid meat
                      5 beer-battered hynid meat
                      5 beer-braised hynid meat
                      5 buttered hynid meat
                      5 garlic-buttered hynid meat
                      5 grilled hynid meat
                      5 lemon-buttered hynid meat
                      5 smoked hynid meat
                      5 spiced hynid meat
                      45 barbequed cragbeast pie
                      45 beer-battered cragbeast pie
                      45 beer-braised cragbeast pie
                      45 buttered cragbeast pie
                      45 garlic-buttered cragbeast pie
                      45 grilled cragbeast pie
                      45 lemon-buttered cragbeast pie
                      45 smoked cragbeast pie
                      45 spiced cragbeast pie
                      45 barbequed hynid pie
                      45 beer-battered hynid pie
                      45 beer-braised hynid pie
                      45 buttered hynid pie
                      45 garlic-buttered hynid pie
                      45 grilled hynid pie
                      45 lemon-buttered hynid pie
                      45 smoked hynid pie
                      45 spiced hynid pie
                      25 barbequed cragbeast sandwich
                      25 beer-battered cragbeast sandwich
                      25 beer-braised cragbeast sandwich
                      25 buttered cragbeast sandwich
                      25 garlic-buttered cragbeast sandwich
                      25 grilled cragbeast sandwich
                      25 lemon-buttered cragbeast sandwich
                      25 smoked cragbeast sandwich
                      25 spiced cragbeast sandwich
                      25 barbequed hynid sandwich
                      25 beer-battered hynid sandwich
                      25 beer-braised hynid sandwich
                      25 buttered hynid sandwich
                      25 garlic-buttered hynid sandwich
                      25 grilled hynid sandwich
                      25 lemon-buttered hynid sandwich
                      25 smoked hynid sandwich
                      25 spiced hynid sandwich
                      45 barbequed cragbeast souffle
                      45 beer-battered cragbeast souffle
                      45 beer-braised cragbeast souffle
                      45 buttered cragbeast souffle
                      45 garlic-buttered cragbeast souffle
                      45 grilled cragbeast souffle
                      45 lemon-buttered cragbeast souffle
                      45 smoked cragbeast souffle
                      45 spiced cragbeast souffle
                      45 barbequed hynid souffle
                      45 beer-battered hynid souffle
                      45 beer-braised hynid souffle
                      45 buttered hynid souffle
                      45 garlic-buttered hynid souffle
                      45 grilled hynid souffle
                      45 lemon-buttered hynid souffle
                      45 smoked hynid souffle
                      45 spiced hynid souffle
                      25 barbequed cragbeast soup
                      25 beer-battered cragbeast soup
                      25 beer-braised cragbeast soup
                      25 buttered cragbeast soup
                      25 garlic-buttered cragbeast soup
                      25 grilled cragbeast soup
                      25 lemon-buttered cragbeast soup
                      25 smoked cragbeast soup
                      25 spiced cragbeast soup
                      25 barbequed hynid soup
                      25 beer-battered hynid soup
                      25 beer-braised hynid soup
                      25 buttered hynid soup
                      25 garlic-buttered hynid soup
                      25 grilled hynid soup
                      25 lemon-buttered hynid soup
                      25 smoked hynid soup
                      25 spiced hynid soup
                      35 barbequed cragbeast steaks
                      35 beer-battered cragbeast steaks
                      35 beer-braised cragbeast steaks
                      35 buttered cragbeast steaks
                      35 garlic-buttered cragbeast steaks
                      35 grilled cragbeast steaks
                      35 lemon-buttered cragbeast steaks
                      35 smoked cragbeast steaks
                      35 spiced cragbeast steaks
                      35 barbequed hynid steaks
                      35 beer-battered hynid steaks
                      35 beer-braised hynid steaks
                      35 buttered hynid steaks
                      35 garlic-buttered hynid steaks
                      35 grilled hynid steaks
                      35 lemon-buttered hynid steaks
                      35 smoked hynid steaks
                      35 spiced hynid steaks
                      25 barbequed cragbeast stew
                      25 beer-battered cragbeast stew
                      25 beer-braised cragbeast stew
                      25 buttered cragbeast stew
                      25 garlic-buttered cragbeast stew
                      25 grilled cragbeast stew
                      25 lemon-buttered cragbeast stew
                      25 smoked cragbeast stew
                      25 spiced cragbeast stew
                      25 barbequed hynid stew
                      25 beer-battered hynid stew
                      25 beer-braised hynid stew
                      25 buttered hynid stew
                      25 garlic-buttered hynid stew
                      25 grilled hynid stew
                      25 lemon-buttered hynid stew
                      25 smoked hynid stew
                      25 spiced hynid stew

                      5 barbecued crab appetizers
                      5 beer-battered crab appetizers
                      5 beer-braised crab appetizers
                      5 buttered crab appetizers
                      5 garlic-buttered crab appetizers
                      5 grilled crab appetizers
                      5 lemon-buttered crab appetizers
                      5 smoked crab appetizers
                      5 spiced crab appetizers
                      5 barbecued tuna salad
                      5 beer-battered tuna salad
                      5 beer-braised tuna salad
                      5 buttered tuna salad
                      5 garlic-buttered tuna salad
                      5 grilled tuna salad
                      5 lemon-buttered tuna salad
                      5 smoked tuna salad
                      5 spiced tuna salad

                      ?? barbequed nest dragon jerky
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon kabob
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon meat
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon pie
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon souffle
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon soup
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon steak
                      ?? barbequed nest dragon stew
                      ?? barbequed nest drake jerky
                      ?? barbequed nest drake kabob
                      40 barbequed nest drake meat
                      ?? barbequed nest drake pie
                      ?? barbequed nest drake sandwich
                      45 barbequed nest drake souffle
                      ?? barbequed nest drake soup
                      ?? barbequed nest drake steak
                      ?? barbequed nest drake stew

                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon jerky
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon kabob
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon meat
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon pie
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon souffle
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon soup
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon steak
                      ?? beer-battered nest dragon stew
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake jerky
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake kabob
                      40 beer-battered nest drake meat
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake pie
                      25 beer-battered nest drake sandwich
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake souffle
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake soup
                      35 beer-battered nest drake steak
                      ?? beer-battered nest drake stew

                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon jerky
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon kabob
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon meat
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon pie
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon souffle
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon soup
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon steak
                      ?? beer-braised nest dragon stew
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake jerky
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake kabob
                      40 beer-braised nest drake meat
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake pie
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake sandwich
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake souffle
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake soup
                      35 beer-braised nest drake steak
                      ?? beer-braised nest drake stew

                      ?? buttered nest dragon jerky
                      ?? buttered nest dragon kabob
                      ?? buttered nest dragon meat
                      ?? buttered nest dragon pie
                      ?? buttered nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? buttered nest dragon souffle
                      ?? buttered nest dragon soup
                      ?? buttered nest dragon steak
                      ?? buttered nest dragon stew
                      ?? buttered nest drake jerky
                      ?? buttered nest drake kabob
                      40 buttered nest drake meat
                      ?? buttered nest drake pie
                      ?? buttered nest drake sandwich
                      45 buttered nest drake souffle
                      ?? buttered nest drake soup
                      ?? buttered nest drake steak
                      ?? buttered nest drake stew

                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon jerky
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon kabob
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon meat
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon pie
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon souffle
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon soup
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon steak
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest dragon stew
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake jerky
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake kabob
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake meat
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake pie
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake sandwich
                      45 garlic-buttered nest drake souffle
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake soup
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake steak
                      ?? garlic-buttered nest drake stew

                      ?? grilled nest dragon jerky
                      ?? grilled nest dragon kabob
                      ?? grilled nest dragon meat
                      ?? grilled nest dragon pie
                      ?? grilled nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? grilled nest dragon souffle
                      ?? grilled nest dragon soup
                      ?? grilled nest dragon steak
                      ?? grilled nest dragon stew
                      ?? grilled nest drake jerky
                      ?? grilled nest drake kabob
                      40 grilled nest drake meat
                      45 grilled nest drake pie
                      ?? grilled nest drake sandwich
                      45 grilled nest drake souffle
                      ?? grilled nest drake soup
                      ?? grilled nest drake steak
                      ?? grilled nest drake stew

                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon jerky
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon kabob
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon meat
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon pie
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon souffle
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon soup
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon steak
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest dragon stew
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake jerky
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake kabob
                      40 lemon-buttered nest drake meat
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake pie
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake sandwich
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake souffle
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake soup
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake steak
                      ?? lemon-buttered nest drake stew

                      ?? smoked nest dragon jerky
                      ?? smoked nest dragon kabob
                      ?? smoked nest dragon meat
                      ?? smoked nest dragon pie
                      ?? smoked nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? smoked nest dragon souffle
                      ?? smoked nest dragon soup
                      ?? smoked nest dragon steak
                      ?? smoked nest dragon stew
                      10 smoked nest drake jerky
                      ?? smoked nest drake kabob
                      40 smoked nest drake meat
                      ?? smoked nest drake pie
                      ?? smoked nest drake sandwich
                      ?? smoked nest drake souffle
                      ?? smoked nest drake soup
                      ?? smoked nest drake steak
                      ?? smoked nest drake stew

                      ?? spiced nest dragon jerky
                      ?? spiced nest dragon kabob
                      ?? spiced nest dragon meat
                      ?? spiced nest dragon pie
                      ?? spiced nest dragon sandwich
                      ?? spiced nest dragon souffle
                      ?? spiced nest dragon soup
                      ?? spiced nest dragon steak
                      ?? spiced nest dragon stew
                      ?? spiced nest drake jerky
                      ?? spiced nest drake kabob
                      40 spiced nest drake meat
                      ?? spiced nest drake pie
                      ?? spiced nest drake sandwich
                      45 spiced nest drake souffle
                      ?? spiced nest drake soup
                      ?? spiced nest drake steak
                      ?? spiced nest drake stew

                      15 Crab Omelet
                      15 Cragbeast Omelet
                      15 Hynid Omelet
                      15 Tuna Omelet
                      ?? Nest Dragon Omelet
                      ?? Nest Drake Omelet
                      20 Crab Omelet With Cheese
                      20 Cragbeast Omelet With Cheese
                      20 Hynid Omelet With Cheese
                      20 Tuna Omelet With Cheese
                      ?? Nest Dragon Omelet With Cheese
                      ?? Nest Drake Omelet With Cheese
                      25 Deluxe Crab Omelet
                      25 Deluxe Cragbeast Omelet
                      25 Deluxe Hynid Omelet
                      25 Deluxe Tuna Omelet
                      ?? Deluxe Nest Dragon Omelet
                      ?? Deluxe Nest Drake Omelet
                      10 Vegetable Omelet
                      15 Vegetable Omelet With Cheese
                      15 Omelet With Cheese
                      30 Omelet Supreme

                      10 berry ice cream
                      10 cherry ice cream
                      10 chocolate ice cream
                      10 chocolate mint ice cream
                      5 coconut ice cream
                      10 coffee ice cream
                      10 lemon ice cream
                      10 vanilla ice cream
                      ?? berry caynar ice cream
                      ?? cherry caynar ice cream
                      10 chocolate caynar ice cream
                      10 chocolate mint caynar ice cream
                      ?? coconut caynar ice cream
                      10 coffee caynar ice cream
                      ?? lemon caynar ice cream
                      ?? caynar nut ice cream (vanilla)
                      10 berry golanda ice cream
                      ?? cherry golanda ice cream
                      10 chocolate golanda ice cream
                      10 chocolate mint golanda ice cream
                      10 coconut golanda ice cream
                      ?? coffee golanda ice cream
                      ?? lemon golanda ice cream
                      ?? golanda nut ice cream (vanilla)
                      ?? berry kiola ice cream
                      ?? cherry kiola ice cream
                      10 chocolate kiola ice cream
                      ?? chocolate mint kiola ice cream
                      ?? coconut kiola ice cream
                      ?? coffee kiola ice cream
                      ?? lemon kiola ice cream
                      ?? kiola nut ice cream (vanilla)
                      10 berry walnut ice cream
                      10 cherry walnut ice cream
                      10 chocolate walnut ice cream
                      ?? chocolate mint walnut ice cream
                      ?? coconut walnut ice cream
                      ?? coffee walnut ice cream
                      10 lemon walnut ice cream
                      ?? walnut ice cream (vanilla)

                      15 berry ice cream crunch
                      15 cherry ice cream crunch
                      15 chocolate ice cream crunch
                      5 chocolate mint ice cream crunch
                      ?? coconut ice cream crunch
                      ?? coffee ice cream crunch
                      5 lemon ice cream crunch
                      ?? vanilla ice cream crunch
                      15 berry caynar nut crunch (nut)
                      ?? cherry caynar ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate caynar ice cream crunch
                      15 chocolate mint caynar nut crunch (nut)
                      15 coconut caynar ice cream crunch
                      ?? coffee caynar icc cream crunch
                      ?? lemon caynar ice cream crunch
                      ?? caynar nut ice cream crunch (vanilla)
                      ?? berry golanda crunch (not ice cream)
                      ?? cherry golanda ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate golanda ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate mint golanda nut crunch (nut)
                      ?? coconut golanda ice cream crunch
                      ?? coffee golanda ice cream crunch
                      ?? lemon golanda ice cream crunch
                      ?? golanda nut ice cream crunch (vanilla)
                      ?? berry kiola crunch (not ice cream)
                      ?? cherry kiola ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate kiola ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate mint kiola crunch (not ice cream)
                      ?? coconut kiola ice cream crunch
                      15 coffee kiola ice cream crunch
                      ?? lemon kiola ice cream crunch
                      ?? kiola nut ice cream crunch (vanilla)
                      5 berry walnut crunch (not ice cream)
                      ?? cherry walnut ice cream crunch
                      15 chocolate walnut ice cream crunch
                      ?? chocolate mint walnut crunch (not ice cream)
                      ?? coconut walnut ice cream crunch
                      ?? coffee walnut ice cream crunch
                      5 lemon walnut ice cream crunch
                      ?? walnut ice cream crunch (vanilla)

                      25 berry ice cream cake
                      5 cherry ice cream cake
                      5 chocolate ice cream cake
                      25 chocolate mint ice cream cake
                      ?? coconut ice cream cake
                      ?? coffee ice cream cake
                      ?? lemon ice cream cake
                      25 vanilla ice cream cake
                      5 berry ice cream cake slice
                      5 cherry ice cream cake slice
                      5 chocolate ice cream cake slice
                      5 chocolate mint ice cream cake slice
                      5 coconut ice cream cake slice
                      5 coffee ice cream cake slice
                      5 lemon ice cream cake slice
                      5 vanilla ice cream cake slice
                      83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                        and for good measure

                        8 Hard Nectar (nodrop)
                        8 Milk (norent)
                        15 Elven Spirits
                        15 Fizzle Pop (with space)
                        30 Bladder of Milk
                        85 A Bottle of Bloodroot Wine

                        3 Candied Rhino Beetle Leg
                        4 Hard Candy (notrade)
                        5 Bark Chip Cookies
                        5 Mint
                        5 Party Cake (notrade)
                        5 Shredded Coconut
                        5 White Chocolate Cookies (b) (notrade)
                        5 Wooly Fungus
                        6 Roach Crunchies
                        8 Creeper Cabbage (notrade)
                        12 Chunk of Lion Meat
                        15 Cursed Wafers
                        15 Fungus Spore Pie
                        15 Jungle Pineapple
                        15 Kurn's Jerky Delight (notrade)
                        15 Wayfarer's Bread
                        16 Meat-Filled Pie
                        18 Beer Braised Griffon
                        20 Pickled Centaur
                        20 Pickled Nymph
                        20 Roasted Mammoth Sandwich (notrade)
                        20 The Luckiest Cabbage (notrade)
                        22 Loaf of Baked Jumjum (notrade)
                        25 Gloomingdeep Rat Steak (notrade)
                        30 Centaur Chops
                        30 Magical Cookie (norent)
                        30 Midnight Tangelo
                        35 Green Gill in Cream
                        40 Vegetable Casserole
                        52 Talionn's Finest Stew (notrade)
                        75 Glazed Carp
                        120 Mum's Cinnamon Bread
                        120 Mum's Cookies
                        120 Mum's Muffins
                        83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                          Keeping a running list of items in this thread has helped to uncover a few new recipes and items, such as Beer Braised Griffon. Also it's helped me figure out how long food actually lasts. But now it's obsolete; I've posted a complete updated list in the Tradeskill Guides forum called Everything Edible.
                          83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                            Call me a noob, but I looked and could not find a answer...
                            what do the numbers before the items represent ? The amount of time it takes between uses ? Is that minutes ?

                            1-5 snack/whistle wetter
                            6-20 meal/drink
                            21-30 hearty meal/refreshing drink
                            31-40 banquet size meal/lasting drink
                            41-50 feast/flowing drink
                            51-60 enduring meal/enduring drink
                            61-240 miraculous meal/miraculous drink


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                              As near as I can tell, the number listed is the number of real-world minutes that the food or drink will last if you right click it. It lasts twice as long when eaten normally (without clicking it).
                              quoted from first post
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                                Food and drink durations

                                Yeah ive just moved some of the more popular food and drink posts in here from the general forum. If there are other older ones you want moving just bump them and one of the mods will move them in here.

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