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Food and drink durations

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  • Food and drink durations

    I got curious, which is a dangerous thing. So I made up a list of the durations of various foods and drinks in EQ. As near as I can tell, the number listed is the number of real-world minutes that the food or drink will last if you right click it. It lasts twice as long when eaten normally (without clicking it). Keep in mind that times will vary depending on who you are, whether you have a horse, and what zones you visit (for instance, water is used up faster in some desert zones).

    It turns out there are about 500 types of food and more than 50 types of drink. More than 60 percent of the foods are 'meal', and most of the drinks are 'drink'. It appears that the categories are

    1-5 snack/whistle wetter
    6-20 meal/drink
    21-30 hearty meal/refreshing drink
    31-40 banquet size meal/lasting drink
    41-50 feast/flowing drink
    51-60 enduring meal/enduring drink
    61-240 miraculous meal/miraculous drink

    My spelling should be correct, although the capitalization isn't. I believe all player-made (or fished or foraged) items are listed, but there may be some store-bought items or rare drops still missing. (btw Dawnshroud Seeds, Arctic Clams, and Sewer Catfish do not exist. Also it seems that Honey Mush Bread and Catfish Croak Sandwich don't exist.)

    Almost all of the information comes from Lucy ( There are still about 20 items in the list for which I don't know the duration. None of the items actually have parentheses -- all the comments in parentheses are my notes.


    ?? Prickly Pear (lore) (snack)
    1 Razor fungus spores
    2 Birthday Cake Slice
    2 Nepeta Cataria Mint
    2 Wedding Cake Slice
    3 Boiled Rockhopper Egg (nodrop)
    3 Candied Spider
    3 Rockhopper Egg (nodrop)
    4 Cookies
    4 Muffin (b)
    4 Noodles
    4 Tasty Candy
    5 Alligator Egg
    5 Animal Shaped Cookie
    5 Armadillo Husk
    5 Barbarian Shaped Cookie
    5 Bixie Berry Buns
    5 Cactus Tart
    5 Chocolate Cookies
    5 Chocolate Marr Cherries
    5 Chocolate Muffins
    5 Clump of Dough
    5 Cup Cakes
    5 Freshly Cleaned Vegetables
    5 Gnome Shaped Cookie
    5 Hot Cross Buns
    5 Ice Berry Muffin
    5 Jumjum Stalk (a) (merchant)
    5 Jumjum Stalk (b) (stolen)
    5 Jumjum Stalk (c) (nillipuss)
    5 Kromdul Carrot
    5 Miller Carrot
    5 Mudcomb Muffin
    5 Muffin (a)
    5 Nifilik Egg
    5 Owlbear Bone Chew
    5 Payala Fruit
    5 Pixie Powder Cinnesticks
    5 Seahorse Roe
    5 Snake Egg
    5 Summoned Cake (norent)
    5 Swamp Vegetables
    5 Tea Leaves
    5 tiny Fetid Bass
    5 Troll Shaped Cookie
    5 Vegetables
    5 White Chocolate Cookies
    5 White Chocolate
    5 White Chocolate Muffins
    5 Winter Chocolate

    ?? Chub Fillet (meal)
    ?? Dung Crawlers (meal)
    ?? Kedge Carp (meal)
    ?? Pickled Dragon (meal)
    ?? Pickled Dryad (meal)
    ?? Pickled Gnoll (meal)
    ?? Pickled Sifaye (meal)
    ?? Pickled Unicorn (meal)
    ?? Pike Fillet (meal)
    ?? Pot of Spicy Fish Stew (nodrop) (meal?)
    ?? Sonic Wolf Sandwich (meal)
    ?? Trout Fillet (meal)
    6 Candied Cockroach
    6 Dried Wolf Ear
    6 Edible Goo
    6 Hearty meat sauce
    6 High Elf Flesh
    6 Human Flesh
    6 Marinated Mushroom Bits
    6 Pixie Pickles
    7 Burnt Loaf of Bread
    7 Cactus pie
    7 Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh
    8 Anaconda meat
    8 Armadillo meat
    8 Ashweed
    8 Azure Nightshade
    8 Bag of Sea Salt
    8 Bamboo Shoot
    8 Berries
    8 Black Root
    8 Bread Crumbs
    8 Bug Bites
    8 Cactus Pulp
    8 Carrot
    8 Cheese
    8 Chunk of meat
    8 Cinnamon Sticks
    8 Cockatrice Egg
    8 Crawdad
    8 Crunchy Crawlers
    8 Earthworm Munch
    8 Elf pickles
    8 Emerald Orange
    8 Frontier Stink Beetles
    8 Frost Turnip
    8 Fruit
    8 Giant Hornet Egg
    8 Glow Lichen
    8 Gnome Kabobs
    8 Gnome pickles
    8 Gorge Moss
    8 Gouda Cheese
    8 Grapes
    8 Halfling pickles
    8 Honey Berry
    8 Hopeless Willow Moss
    8 Kejekan Palm Fruit
    8 Letalis Zenith Vine
    8 Lettuce
    8 Lichen Roots
    8 Lump of Zelniak Fat
    8 Marr Cherries
    8 Mud Crabs
    8 Mushroom
    8 Mushroom Bread
    8 Owlbear marrow meatcakes
    8 Plains Roots
    8 Rathe Berries
    8 Red Sands Cactus
    8 Ripened Yellow Starfruit
    8 Rockhopper meat
    8 Roots
    8 Shrub Lettuce (nodrop)
    8 Snake Pickles
    8 Speckled Toadstool
    8 Sylvan Berries
    8 Thunderhoof Mushroom
    8 Vein Worm
    8 Wild Blueberries
    8 Wild Cabbage
    8 Wild Crimson Berries
    8 Wild Radish
    8 Zelniak meat
    9 Moor fish pie
    9 Pickled bixie
    9 Pickled gator
    9 Pickled lizard
    9 Pickled Troll
    10 Alligator Eggs
    10 Apricot Marmalade
    10 Arctic king crab
    10 Arctic mussels
    10 Arctic scallop
    10 Bag of Caynar Nuts
    10 Basilisk Eggs
    10 Bear meat stew
    10 Beetle Bake
    10 Boiled snake stew
    10 Bunny stew
    10 Cauldron Prawn
    10 Cavern Fishcakes
    10 Cavern Mackerel
    10 Cobalt Abalone
    10 Cobalt Rock Crab
    10 Cream
    10 Creamy Fennel Sauce
    10 Dark Chocolate Creme
    10 Darkpine Acorns
    10 Dawnflower Seeds
    10 Dried Payala Chips
    10 Dwarf pickles
    10 Fishcakes
    10 Fresh Piranha
    10 Grimling stew
    10 Honeyed Payala Jam
    10 Iceclad Shrimp
    10 Krup Guppy
    10 Lichen Clover Sweet Bread
    10 Lion meat stew
    10 Loaf of Bread
    10 Muckskipper Fish
    10 Owlbear Egg
    10 Owlbear Stuffed Mushroom
    10 Paludal Snapper
    10 Phoenix Dough
    10 Pickled drake
    10 Pickled Faun
    10 Pickled frost giant
    10 Pickled Storm Giant
    10 Pickled Wurm
    10 Pickled Wyvern
    10 Pouch of Kejek Catnip
    10 Pound Cake
    10 Rabbit meat
    10 Rabbit stew (a)
    10 Ro Dates
    10 Rockhopper stew
    10 Rockweed Bulb
    10 Royal Mints
    10 Sand Crabs
    10 Saucy bunnymeat
    10 Scorpion Sandwich
    10 Silt Slider Egg
    10 Siren Pickles
    10 Small Clam
    10 Sonic Wolf Delight
    10 Thick Lotus Paste
    10 Vegetable pie
    10 Wolf stew
    12 Grilled Rat Ears (lore)
    12 Grimling Smoked Jerky
    12 Human pickles
    12 Orc pickles
    12 Paladin pickles
    12 Paludal Beetle Crunchies
    12 Rockhopper Pickles
    12 Slice of Jumjum Cake
    15 2lb Fetid Bass
    15 Barren Flounder
    15 Batwing pie
    15 Beetle eye pie
    15 Birthday Cake (b) (norent)
    15 Blackened Pepper Snake (norent)
    15 Boar Carp
    15 Cauldron Trout
    15 Cave Guppy
    15 Chokai Bass
    15 Chunk of Ogre Flesh
    15 Clam Chowder
    15 Clockwork koi
    15 Cobalt Cod
    15 Cobalt Cup Cakes
    15 Cold water barracuda meat
    15 Coldain pickles
    15 Crystalline Cave Fish
    15 Danak Grouper
    15 Deadly Medley
    15 Despair Chub
    15 Dragon Bay Snapper
    15 Dried Froglok Leg
    15 Dried Star Angelfish
    15 Dwarf Flesh (nodrop)
    15 Evergreen Salmon
    15 Festive Birthday Cake Slice (norent)
    15 Festive Wedding Cake Slice (norent)
    15 Filleted Bear
    15 Filleted Lion
    15 Filleted Mammoth
    15 Filleted Wolf
    15 Fogwater Trout
    15 Fresh Fish
    15 Freshly Baked Payala Tart
    15 Frosty Cave Trout
    15 Frozen Sea Biscuits
    15 giant Fetid Bass (22lbs)
    15 Giant Halibut
    15 Giant Snapper
    15 Gnome sandwich (norent)
    15 Greengill Salmon
    15 Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    15 Grotto Bluegill
    15 Gunthak Mackerel
    15 Hatch Dace
    15 Highland Pike
    15 Hound Pike
    15 Iceclad Cutlassfish
    15 Ikfish
    15 Issued Rations (nodrop)
    15 Kerra Catfish
    15 Koada Cichlid
    15 Kunzar koi
    15 large Fetid Bass (20lbs)
    15 large Fetid Bass (21lbs)
    15 Marinated Owlbear Kabob (norent)
    15 Marmalade Sandwich
    15 Meat pie (a)
    15 Nepeta Mint Chocolate (norent)
    15 Nightmare Cichlid
    15 Pine Cichlid
    15 Pouch of Frozen Roots
    15 Quellian koi
    15 Rat ear pie
    15 Rathe Muskie
    15 Ration
    15 Red Roughy
    15 Rivervale Trout
    15 Rujarkian Chub
    15 Rygorrian Toothfish
    15 Saffron Spiced Mussels (norent)
    15 Salty Whitefish
    15 Sea Green Cookies
    15 Seared Sea Bass (a) (norent)
    15 Seared Sea Bass (b) (norent)
    15 Shawerma Sandwich
    15 Steamed Vegetable Feast (norent)
    15 Stonefish
    15 Storm Salmon
    15 Summoned Black Bread (norent)
    15 Swamp Roll
    15 Thulian Mudskipper
    15 Thunder Salmon
    15 Timorous Tuna
    15 Tundrabear Sandwich (nodrop)
    15 Ulthork meat
    15 Vallorian Discus
    15 Victory Cake Slice (norent)
    15 Weary Wrass
    15 Wedding Cake (b) (norent)
    15 Whipped Hunkle Pear Pie
    15 Wulf Fish
    15 Wyvern Flesh Pie
    16 Batwing Crunchies
    16 Meat pie (b)
    16 Rat Ear Sandwich
    17 Fish Fillets
    17 Rat Kabobs
    17 Saucy bearmeat
    17 Wooly Spider Crunchies
    18 3lb Fetid Bass
    18 Beer Braised Bear
    18 Beer Braised Gator
    18 Beer Braised Lion
    18 Beer Braised Rat
    18 Beer Braised Wolf
    18 Bixie Crunchies
    18 Elven Bread
    18 Pickled froglok
    18 Rat Sandwich
    18 Smoked Wood Elf
    18 Spicy ulthork meat
    20 4lb Fetid Bass
    20 Bear sandwich
    20 Birthday Cake (a)
    20 Bixie berry pie
    20 Blackened Panther
    20 Blackened Teir'Dal
    20 Carp Fillets
    20 Dwarf chops
    20 Elven Veal
    20 Fruit pie
    20 Gator Steaks
    20 Glazed payala pie
    20 HEHE Meat
    20 Hot-N-Spicy Toelings
    20 Kobold Steaks
    20 Lion Delight (nodrop)
    20 Lizard-on-a-Stick
    20 Lucky Cabbage
    20 Mammoth Sandwich
    20 Mature Cheese
    20 Owlbear Sandwich
    20 Prepared Fish
    20 Prepared Green Gill
    20 Prepared Thunder Salmon
    20 Prepared Weary Wrass
    20 Raptor Steak
    20 Salmon Fillets
    20 Snake Steak
    20 Snow bunny stew (nodrop)
    20 Sonic Wolf Steaks
    20 Wedding Cake (a)
    20 Wolf Steaks
    20 Wolf Sandwich

    Hearty Meal
    ?? Smoked Shark (hearty meal)
    ?? Tae Ew Skewers (hearty meal)
    21 Aviak Eggs
    21 large Fetid Bass (18lbs)
    21 large Fetid Bass (19lbs)
    21 Yakman Steak
    22 5lb Fetid Bass
    22 Jumjum Cake
    24 6lb Fetid Bass
    24 Buttered Crawdad
    24 Dragon Steaks
    25 Bear Steaks
    25 Berry pie
    25 Clamcakes
    25 Crunchy Coldain Head (nodrop)
    25 Drake Egg
    25 Elven trail mix
    25 gigantic Fetid Bass (23lbs) (nodrop)
    25 Griffon Eggs
    25 Honey berry pie
    25 Iron Ration
    25 Lion Steaks
    25 Omelette du Fromage
    25 Orange Flavored Cod
    25 Owlbear Steaks
    25 Royal Jelly
    25 Salted Fish
    25 Shark Fillet
    25 Ulthork meat pie (nodrop)
    25 Vegetable soup
    26 7lb Fetid Bass
    27 Fish head soup
    27 Rabbit stew (b)
    28 8lb Fetid Bass
    28 Ranger's Omelet
    30 9lb Fetid Bass
    30 Bear Fillet in Cream
    30 Bread Cakes* (nodrop)
    30 Cluster of Kelp
    30 Gnoll chops
    30 humongous Fetid Bass (25lbs)
    30 Jumjum salad
    30 Large Brine Shrimp
    30 Lion Fillet in Cream
    30 Mammoth Fillet in Cream
    30 Mammoth Steaks
    30 Mosquito Rations* (nodrop)
    30 Pasta with cheese
    30 Pasta with meat sauce
    30 Pinemyer Pasta
    30 Rat Ear Turnovers
    30 Snow Griffin Souffle (nodrop)
    30 Storm Salmon Fillet
    30 Wolf Fillet in Cream
    30 Vegetable Pasta

    Banquet Sized Meal
    31 Dryad Pate
    31 Frost Giant Steak
    31 Icy Mushrooms
    31 Potameid Pate
    31 Storm Giant Steak
    31 Vegetable Roughy
    32 10lb Fetid Bass
    34 11lb Fetid Bass
    35 Barbecued Erudite
    35 Beer Braised Mammoth
    35 Fish in Cream Sauce
    35 Fish Rolls
    35 Gator Rolls
    35 Patty Melt
    35 Rolled Cutlassfish
    35 Shark Rolls
    35 Thunder Salmon in Cream
    35 Weary Wrass in Cream
    36 12lb Fetid Bass
    37 Caynar Nut Stuffed Trout
    38 13lb Fetid Bass
    40 14lb Fetid Bass
    40 Anaconda Casserole
    40 Anaconda stir fry
    40 Griffon Casserole
    40 Griffon stir fry
    40 Wurm Egg

    ?? Sea Cucumber Soup (feast)
    41 Muskie Marinade
    42 15lb Fetid Bass
    44 16lb Fetid Bass
    45 Breaded Storm Salmon
    45 Centi Steaks
    45 Centi Toe Stew
    45 Chokidai Jerky
    45 Dragon Egg
    45 Giant Halibut Steak
    45 Giant Snapper Steak
    45 Jord meat pie
    45 Mephit Sandwich
    45 Mind Worm Steaks
    45 Phoenix Egg
    45 Shellcracker's Seaside Salad
    46 17lb Fetid Bass
    50 Abalone Steaks
    50 Anaconda Melt
    50 Cheesy Anaconda Casserole
    50 Cheesy Griffon Casserole
    50 Cheesy Vegetable Casserole
    50 Griffon Melt
    50 Justice Fruit
    50 Tae Ew Sandwich
    50 Vann toe stew

    Enduring Meal
    55 Breaded Giant Halibut
    55 Breaded Giant Snapper
    55 Swamp Rat Crunchies
    60 Blood raven stew
    60 Crispy Gourami
    60 Deep Cavern Toadstool
    60 Habanero Pepper
    60 Hobgoblin surprise
    60 Mephit meat pie
    60 Sea urchin stew

    Miraculous Meal
    ?? Bristlebanes Party Platter (miraculous meal?)
    ?? Karana's Heartfruit Salad (might not exist)
    ?? Tae Ew Soup (miraculous meal)
    70 Grilled Eel
    70 Large slumberfish pie
    70 Ohabah Truffles
    70 Tae Ew Roll
    80 Boar chops
    80 Bucket of Crab Legs
    80 Halas 10lb meat pie
    80 Hero Sandwich
    80 Justice fruit pies
    80 Triloun tail soup
    90 Lotus pie
    100 A sandwich of foul smelling herbs
    100 Shrieker Spores
    100 Slarghilug Stuffed Poppers
    100 Tae Ew Pie
    110 Holy Cake
    120 Candied Tae Ew
    120 Misty Thicket Picnic
    120 Mum's Pie
    120 Tormentor Stir Fry
    130 Dried Seaweed


    Whistle Wetter
    ?? Spiced Grimroot Tea
    -1 Spiced Hollow palm tea (nodrop) (yes negative one)
    -1 Sweet Payala Nectar (yes negative one)
    0 Underbulk Bile (norent) (yes zero)
    5 Brackish Water
    5 Malted Milk

    ?? Flask of Rathe Berry Juice
    8 Bottle of Milk
    8 Flask of berry juice
    8 Flask of Fruit Juice
    8 Neriak Nectar
    10 Flask of Sylvan Berry Juice
    10 Liquidised Gator
    10 Liquidised Rat
    10 Liquidised Snake
    10 Root Beer Float
    10 Stormguard Root Beer
    10 Tagglefoot Tingle Drink
    12 Bladder of Lizard Milk
    13 Flask of Karana Brown Tea
    15 Flask of Bloodwater
    15 Flask of Icy Water
    15 Issued Water (nodrop)
    15 Large Bottle of Milk
    15 Purified Water
    15 Skin of Slush Water
    15 Soda Water
    15 Summoned Globe of Water (norent)
    15 Water Flask
    16 Pod of Water
    17 Glob of Slush Water
    18 Crow's Special Brew
    18 Flask of Orange Juice
    20 Egg Nog
    20 Fizzlepop
    20 Oasis Water

    Refreshing Drink
    25 Bladder of Otter Milk
    25 Flask of Sweetwater (nodrop)
    25 Jumjum Juice
    30 Pickled Gukta Juice
    30 Sacred Water (nodrop)
    30 Skin of Milk (nodrop)
    30 Steamfont Spring Water
    30 Surefall Sap

    Lasting Drink

    Flowing Drink
    45 Canteen of Slush Water
    45 Fizzy Odus Juice
    45 Sarnak Travel Canteen

    Enduring Drink
    60 Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000
    60 Louie's Thick 'n Hearty

    Miraculous Drink
    70 Surefall Ranger's Trail Juice
    80 Grobb liquidized meat
    85 Qeynos Afternoon Tea
    100 Planar Blood Brew
    100 Vile Sarnak Brew
    110 Innothule Triple-Bile
    120 Kaladim Constitutional
    240 Twice Brewed Constitutional (nodrop)
    83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)

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    Sylphan? I'd love to get a guide to food/drink durations up on the site. Would you like to tweak, nudge, modify, add, etc. anything to your post so I can throw it up as a page on the site?


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      I'd be happy to see this information added to a page on your site.

      I was quite thorough before posting anything here, so that I wouldn't need to tweak anything. The only untested claim is that one 'duration' equals one real-world minute, everything else is accurate. It's possible that one 'duration' is only 48 seconds real-time. Do you suppose it's necessary to correct the capitalization? I think it's good to go. I actually hope someone will discover a few foods I missed, but I can't find any. It would also be nice to find out exactly which zones use water (or food) faster than normal, but I'm not going to do it.

      The one thing still missing is the actual durations of foods with the ??. And the only way I know to get that information is to get someone to send those items in to Lucy. There's no telling how long that will take.

      I also thought of adding some comments and observations, but that's not appropriate for a page. For instance, the ones with negative durations should be reported as bugs. The few errors on the fishing and foraging tables should be fixed. A few spelling errors could be corrected (for instance there is no 'flask of water', it's 'water flask', and there is no 'sifaye pickles', it's 'pickled sifaye'). The gap of more than 8-to-1 foods to drinks seems unfair to brewers. There are no store-bought miraculous foods or drinks, but there are some enduring. A 17-lb. fetid bass lasts a lot longer than a 25-lb. (humongous) fetid bass. For some reason there aren't any 24-lb. fetid bass, but every other number from 1 to 25. Most people don't realize that MTPs last a lot longer than Halas Pies, or that Dried Seaweed lasts longer than anything else. Justice Fruit and Habanero Peppers have impressive durations, considering they're foraged. There are two kinds of 'muffin' and two kinds of 'birthday cake'. The three types of 'jumjum stalk' are actually a problem because it's not possible for a bazaar trader to set the different types to different prices. Slicing a birthday cake doesn't accomplish anything, it still has the same total duration. Shaped cookies last longer than cookies made without a cookie cutter. Most fished fish last 15 but some only last 10, or are inedible.
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        Thank you so much for this wonderfully organized list of foods and drinks. Iíd hoped to find something like this for a while now. My main is currently a Vah Shir shaman and as one of the kitty people I just canít seem to find enough to eat and drink. So I prefer to keep longer duration food and drink in my pack rather than milk and bread. Plus I just like making them. For food heís been making patty melts, which also raises his baking skill. But there isnít much in the way of drinks he can brew. This is a particular shame, as heíll hit 250 brewing in two more points. One hundred and twenty combines of Kaladim Constitutionals without a skill up and counting.

        So I was hoping I would find a long lasting drink I could brew instead of buying Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000. Grobb Liquidized Meat isnít hard to brew, but runs about 10 or 11 gold each to make. The Formula 5000 drink runs about 2 gold each to buy. The other drinks Iím familiar with arenít any cheaper to make or else are very time consuming to find supplies for. Granted, the 5000 drink lacks stats, but all I want at the moment is cheapish long lasting drink, the drink equivalent of patty melts.

        Thanks to your list I now know what choices I really have. It looks like Iíll be paying that gnome in Freeport several more visits until Iím no longer pinching every copper for supplies to attempt my brewing trophy.

        Thanks again for all your hard work.
        Pait Spiritwalker
        63rd Season Vah Shir Shaman
        The Seventh Hammer


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          *sheepish look*

          After going and saying all that, I found some things to add:

          Lion Delight is (lore)
          there's only one kind of Seared Sea Bass

          4 Almonds

          15 Mist Myre Pudding
          16 Mullet

          Whistle wetter:
          0 Shrieker fluid (yes zero)
          83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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            In case yer wonderin'.....

            one time unit is 84 seconds (if you eat the food automatically, rather than force feeding yourself)

            For example, rations (15) have a duration of
            15 x 84 sec = 1260 sec = 36 min

            Should be 144 seconds: /bonk Poji[/i]
            Poji Piemaker
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            Tallon Zek


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              Two things PojiPiemaker....

              15 x 84 sec = 1260 sec = 36 min
              15x84=1260, sure, but 1260 seconds is only 21 minutes.

              Second, it is very well known that MTP's last very close to 4 hours each. That would mesh with the estimation that 120 is the force feed length in minutes, and 240 minutes is if you don't force it.

              Though well known, I have not seen it tested specifically.

              By your formula a MTP would only last 168 minutes, under 3 hours.

              Do you have a link to where you got this information, I'd like to see some hard data.
              Newb Tradeskiller Extraordinairť.

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                Sorry, somewhere I lost a minute. ops: (Sorry- was trying to do to much in my head and not enough on the calculator. Got to excited reading this but I had to hurry to get to work)

                One food/drink unit is good for 144 seconds, if ya let yerself eat it automatically.

                I got this from from the foods I've tested the durations of. (Incidently, MTP's last 4 hr 48 min)

                I gotta remember not to rush next time- or at least double check my numbers.

                15 x 144 sec = 2160 sec = 36 min
                Poji Piemaker
                Druid of Karana
                Knights of the White Rose
                Tallon Zek


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                  The new searches at Allakhazam's are mostly misleading, but they did allow me to add a few more:

                  Saucy bunnymeat is nodrop.

                  20 Holpa Glub

                  Hearty meal:
                  25 Holpa Mlech

                  I'm still seeing claims from 48 seconds to 72 seconds for one 'time unit' (and double when not force-fed). So more testing is still needed, both with and without horses.
                  83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


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                    These numbers are relative to eachother, never absolute. There are modifiers for each race, class, as well as zone, to determine how fast you consume food and drink.
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                      Might want to add the new Party Plater;

                      Bristlebanes Party Platter
                      NO DROP
                      STR: +10 DEX: +10 STA: +10 WIS: +10 INT: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +75 MANA: +75
                      This is a miraculous meal!
                      WT: 8.5 Size: GIANT
                      Class: ALL
                      Race: ALL

                      Lucy say's it's a Miraculous Meal (120), too bad it's not 130+ but still, not bad.
                      Enfiniti Starr
                      Pathfinder of the great Rain God, Karana
                      Ayonae Ro


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                        Originally posted by Sylphan
                        I'm still seeing claims from 48 seconds to 72 seconds for one 'time unit' (and double when not force-fed). So more testing is still needed, both with and without horses.
                        48 x 1.5 (Innitiate Metabolism 3) = 72 maybe?


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                          experimental data

                          Ok, here's some data, and I plan on adding to it...

                          sliced wedding cake is listed as 2 duration food

                          I tend to trust the listed durations as water flasks, berries and iron rations comparative durations seem to be dead on.

                          When I was using berries I would eat nearly twice as many as water flasks, using iron rations it's closer to 9 rations for 15 water.

                          So... I stuffed myself with food, then kept trying to eat a slice of cake till I succeded and logged the time... then kept trying to eat... and again wrote down the time...

                          xx:08:53 --> bite of cake
                          xx:11:10 --> bite of cake ....

                          Wait... that's OVER 2 minutes.... well I was getting spammed, must have just missed the eat at one minute...

                          xx:08:53 --> bite of cake
                          xx:11:10 --> bite of cake
                          xx:13:29 --> bite of cake

                          Hmm... 2:17 between the first two.... 2:19 between the second two ... force feeding...

                          Anyone else want to try this out? Slice of Birthday Cake isn't too expensive. Stuff yourself and check out how long between bites of cake. That should give us a good comparison of the "relative" duration of foods.

                          I was using a Dark Elf in PoK. (in case race/zone make a difference)

                          Could also use Malted Milk (cheap and easy)

                          Will post more data as I check things out... Had bought KEI and Virtue (well above 46 so no twink hating please *grin*) and was only doing this while transfering things around between my wife and I and our bazaar trader. (can't wait till shared bank space)
                          In My (Not Always) Humble Opinion, except where I quote someone. If I don't know I say so.
                          I suck at this game, your mileage WILL vary. My path is probably NON-optimal.
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                            more corrections

                            8 Turnip

                            miraculous drink:
                            90 Water of Eternity

                            durations found:

                            20 Pike Fillet
                            20 Chub Fillet
                            5 Prickly Pear
                            20 Pickled Dryad
                            20 Pickled Gnoll
                            28 Smoked Shark
                            50 Sea Cucumber Soup
                            90 Tae Ew Soup
                            120 Bristlebanes Party Platter
                            83/1000 High Elven Enchanter on cazic (8x300 tradeskills)


                            • #15
                              yes, Sewer Catfish did exist in all of cabilis and FV..... but..... when they "updated" the fishing tables, the sewer catfish vanished.... they are now currently on the TEST server ONLY at the moment
                              Actually, you can still catch them in FV along with the Salt Minnow. Not sure about in Cabilis, they don't like HIE's there much
                              56 Templar on Povar