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  • help from 348 - 350

    I went over the lists and I believe I have made everything I can ( darn you Chocolate Bacon and Cured Bacon). I am still short 28 new recipes. All I can see remaining now are ice of velious combines. There are 40 combines with ice of velious I have not done that are for baking. So I can finish to 350, I just am concerned that I missed something. I am asking other bakers if needing 28 Ice coincides with what happened to you ( or fits with your projections). It will take quite some time to find as many ice as I need
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    Do you have all the Nest Dragon recipes too? I thought someone said that they were able to complete baking without the nest dragon recipes...if that's true and you don't have those yet, you could go farm nest dragon meat instead of ice of velious
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      I wish it was that simple. I seem to have done all the recipes I can find using nest drake and nest dragon meats. the gifts, feasts, lunch breakfast and dinner, omelet and sausages.

      I checked my oven.
      86 items listed on website for nest dragon meat (one is actually just nest dragon meat). I have 85 recipes known
      88 items listed on website for nest drake meat (one is actually just nest drake meat another nest drake egg). I have 86 recipes known.

      I had already known most nest dragon/drake meat recipes. only the 3 omelet for each and 1 sausage recipe was missing for me. and the gifts/feasts.

      Ended up getting a gift of 25 ice of velious from a guild mate. used them to finish up. last skill up was only 13 combines. saving the remaining ice for the next toon!
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