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FAQ: Baking

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  • FAQ: Baking

    These questions come up frequently, and are answered here for your handy reference. Please do not add new questions to this thread. If, after reading this completely, you are still unable to find the answer to your question, start a new thread in this forum.

    This thread will be updated from time to time with new questions and answers.

    I don't understand/can't find the recipe, I can't find Wolf/Mammoth meat, What will help me skill up, How do stats work, where's the lettuce, what type of cheese
    All this and more is well-covered both here and on the main site. Please read carefully before asking any new questions.

    Q: What is the recipe for ____ ?
    A: Visit The Baking Recipes Page for all the currently-known recipes.

    Q: I don't see any recipes there for _____ (random neat loot item/meat). Are you sure those are all the recipes?
    A: If it's not listed on the recipes page, we don't know a baking recipe for it.

    Q: The recipe book I bought from a merchant lists different ingredients for ___ than what is on the site. Which do I use?
    A: Use the recipes here. They've been field-tested and proven to work. You'll also find more recipes here than you can find in the recipe books, thanks to the dedicated experimentation of cooks on these message boards.

    Q: I've heard that having the recipe book in inventory open or some other similar urban legend, will help my baking skill. Is this true?
    A: No. Whichever is higher, your INT or your WIS, will help your chances at skill increases while working on items that are above your skill. (This holds true for all tradeskills.) No recipe book will make you a better cook.

    Q: Is there a secondary Stat Check for Baking, like strenght to smithing? Might it be DEX or AGI ??
    A: At this time there is no known secondary Stat Check for Baking.

    Q: I have a food item with stats on it, but when I force-feed it, I don't see any changes in my stats. Am I bugged?
    A: No, you're just handling your stat food incorrectly. To achieve the stat bonus of a stat enhancing food, the stat enhancing food must be ahead of any other food in your inventory so that the system registers it as being the next food to be eaten.

    If you actually eat the stat enhancing food, the stats will no longer be in effect. To avoid losing the stat enhancing food and its effects youll need to force feed yourself other foods by right clicking them.

    Food lasts a differing amount of time based on the size of the meal. The durations of foods follow this progression (from quickest to longest):
    • snack
    • meal
    • hearty meal
    • banquest
    • feast
    • enduring meal
    • miraculous meal

    Q: Where do I find lettuce, cheese, etc?
    A: Check the Trade Supplies for Baking page.

    Q: Where do I get wolf and mammoth meat?
    A: Wolf and mammoth meat are not standard stock on vendors, but can often be found on vendors in newbie areas where these animals live.

    Q: Where do I get Sweet Lotus Sap?
    A: It is a rare drop off the deep cavern lotuses in Fungus Grove. Note that for the PoTC quest, any of the lotus parts from those lotuses will work.

    Q: Where do I get Dust of Karana?
    A: This is a player-made item, see The item description in our database for details.

    Q: Are mature cheese and "cheese" the same thing?
    A: No. Mature cheese is player-made. Cheese is vendor-sold. Each have very specific recipes attached to them, and you cannot substitute one for the other.

    Q: What is a Tanaan Oven and where is it?
    A: Many of the new PoP recipes must be combined in a Tanaan container. There has been some confusion as the labels for these are simply "oven" or "forge" or "kiln" in Plane of Knowledge, although these static containers are all the Tanaan equivalent. So if you need a Tanaan container, you need to use the the static containers in Plane of Knowledge which are all found in the tradeskillers area (exact locations are given on the Plane of Knowledge trade supplies page).

    Note that the majority of PoP recipes will also work in the collapsed spit made by Tinkerers (only known exception at this point is Candied Cockroach).

    Q: I got a gnomish cooking pot as a drop in Cazic Thule. Can it be used like a normal pot? Is it a part of a quest?
    A: Sadly, there is no known use for this pot.

    Q: How do I make boning for the Misty Thicket Picnic?
    A: It is a smithed item, and can be found on the smithing recipes page.

    Q: How do I skill up in Baking?
    A: Check out the player-made guide in the thread entitled Complete Tradeskill Guide 3.0 in the "Tradeskill Guides and UI mods" forum.

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    Minor update for specific question in FAQ, Sweet Lotus Sap now drops off of mobs in Stonehive and Vergalid Mines, Stonehive lotus' seem to drop it fairly frequently.