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Restoring more original alchemy recipes for TLP servers

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  • Restoring more original alchemy recipes for TLP servers

    Can anyone confirm if these combine on TLPs?

    Potion Of Charming Deceit

    Potion Of Copal's Demise

    Potion Of Fleeting Languor

    Potion Of Frosty Insurgency

    Potion Of Gnomish Boils

    Potion Of Gorging Toxin

    Potion Of Graveyard Dust

    Potion Of Gulon's Impunity

    Potion Of Hathcoat's Spirit

    Potion Of Shumar's Breath

    Potion Of Skin Of Ro

    Potion Of Spurn Affliction

    Potion Of Troll's Essence

    Potion Of Undead's Recourse

    Potion Of Vampiric Spirit

    Potion Of Vox's Vitality

    Potion Of Wolves Blood

    Potion Of Wrackbane

    Potion Soul Of The Incorporeal
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