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Help with getting started on Alchemy on the new progressions servers.

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  • Help with getting started on Alchemy on the new progressions servers.

    Only the old type recipes are currently in the game for Fippy and Valuk servers.

    Primitive Potion Vials currently are not in the game. Here is the problem, I did a max trivial search at 30 and all the potions that I can make need Primitive Potion Vials. How am I suppose to level Alchemy. If any one has any ideas or could get me started would be great! If any one has a list of what can currently be made and what I am doing wrong would be great!

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    Try the extracts at trivial 36 if Empty Vials are avaiable (research vendors).

    Old drops:
    Permafrost Crystals drop off permafrost goblins and have 7 ground spawn sites.
    Russet Oxide and Iron Oxide each spawn once at the base of the big gear in NE Steamfont.
    Golems in the Hole (I'm not sure when this zone is available) drop Charcoal, Russet Oxide, and Iron Oxide.

    Newer ground spawns (might not be there):
    Evergreen Leaf spawns (3x) at the first road fork outside Felwithe.
    Sarcophagus Fungus, Jack-O-Lantern Fungus, and Blue Slumber Fungus are ground spawns at:
    the fairy ring in Western Lesser Faydark
    the brownie fort in NW Lesser Faydark
    the gazebo. mazes, and yards in Unrest.
    Trophies: Fr-2 Jour-4 Exp-8 Mast-6 GM-29


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      Thanks for the info. I shall give it a try!