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Cure potions will be having a minor recipe change.

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  • Cure potions will be having a minor recipe change.

    Cure potions will be having a minor recipe change.

    I am actually lowering the cost of Tier X cure potions, but in order to do this I have to change the Wormwood herb to a different (new) herb.

    Wormwood, a vendor purchased herb, is also used in the focus potions so I will not be changing its price, and wormwood will still have a use.

    I just don't want players for some reason stocking up on this herb to make a "run" of Tier X cure potions and thus have a bunch of stuff that is no longer useful for cure potions. This change is a bit away, I just wanted to warn folks. You will not need to re-learn any recipes or anything like that, just buy a different herb.
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    Woot, I love it when stuff gets cheaper to make
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