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    What expansion introduced the illusion potions? I know PoR changed all the recipes, but what expansion first introduced them?

    Lenore Bravehard
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    I think most of them were in LoY? Not 100% sure, but it seems where most of the body drops needed were.
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      That's what I thought too. But I wanted to make sure.

      Thanks a ton!
      Lenore Bravehard
      Storm Warden of Karana
      Innoruuk(Nameless) Server


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        Definitely LoY... since I remember working hard at stocking up on the TS item that was used to make it. It was in the Gulf of Gunthak -- I forget what it was now though. But before the PoK stone, getting to that particular vendor was a fairly long ordeal.
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          Ahh yes, the days of running through the Warrens to get to Stonebrunt to zone into Gunthak. I wonder if I remember the way through the Warrens.
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