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  • Argh!!!!

    Skill: 277 Mod%: 15 Trivial: 355 Prime Stat: 900
    Tradeskill: Tailoring Tradeskill AA: no 1 2 3

    Adjusted Skill = 318
    Success chance = 95%
    Chance of skill up on Success: 4.34%, on failure: 4.34%, overall 4.34%
    It matters if the tradeskill has an alternate optional prime stat other than int or wis. (Smithing, Fletching and Make Poison)

    Skill : Put in the unmodified skill of the tradeskill you are using.
    Mod%: Put in the percentage of any modifying item you have that applies to the tradeskill you are using.
    Trivial: Put in the trivial of the item you are attempting to combine.
    Prime Stat: The prime stat is the higher of Int or Wis. OR if you are doing smithing it is the higher of int/wis/str. If you are doing fletching or poison making it is the higher of int/wis/dex.
    95%!!!! and yet I failed! I hate this game sometimes. Was trying to make a Prescient Fleeting Quiver for my ranger. After loosing 1 high quality lion skin last night to a server rollback/crash, I finally got another and went to make the combine after getting all the OTHER components together and poof! No quiver, did manage to salvage one skin, so will only have to spend another day out there (hopefully) to get another.
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