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  • Phew!

    An accidental discovery last summer ...
    Inconclusive results ...
    And again ...
    Months of wondering and worrying ...
    A scary decision ...
    8 days of knowing and fearing ...
    One crystallized moment of pure relief ...
    ... a lifetime to celebrate.

    RPoD 1, thyroid cancer 0 ... surgery that both found and removed it was last week, the good news was today.

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    I am happy to hear good news on this front! Congratulations.
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      I am very happy to read this news!

      Love ya,


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        Thanks you two. It was pretty scary waking up from surgery and finding that, instead of the partial thyroid removal to get rid of the suspicious part, they'd found cancer and removed the whole thing. Given that nasty C-word, I ended up very quickly with the best possible result. Now I "just" need to recover from the surgery and get back to enjoying life with a bit less stress.



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          Best wishes for your recovery from this direction as well.

          I can somewhat know how you feel, as I find myself in a slightly similar circumstance, being evaluated for esophageal cancer at present, and will find out in June how much of me has gone missing during surgery.


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            Ok, I'm necro-posting ... but for the best of reasons.

            Lots of us seem to need some good news right now to make up for all the bad stuff going on, so ....

            1 year ago today was the successful surgery that removed my thyroid and the cancer along with it.

            1 year cancer free!


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              And here's to the return of many years so blessed.

              You deserve it!