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More like a gutteral moan...

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  • More like a gutteral moan...

    Mum, your physical body keeps attacking you, Prayers that your mental body keeps you strong.

    But ohh... what a sword to the heart of Ogre hubby, friend of crafters. Prayers that his spirit stays strong and his talents are recognized and put to work.

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    Thanks. It was a definite shock, and I've emitted a few primal whimpers of my own. We're keeping the faith, though, and I'm crossing everything that can be crossed for my beloved hubbyogre as he searches for a new job.

    (Picture me crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and so on, and promptly bumping into the trained attack furniture around here - to the endless amusement and bemusement of the two new cats we rescued from the shelter a couple weeks ago. The hubbyogre, on the other hand, just rolls his eyes and manfully tries not to snicker, since he's used to the furniture biting me on a regular basis.)