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Curse you Ngreth!

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  • Curse you Ngreth!

    I tried making a spell for a friend with my Testcopied character on Test.

    But because I used a Fine Paper that got copied over with me, the resulting spell was also taged as No Trade, Copied.

    So I guess we can assume that any combine done on Test that uses any copied component will result in a No Trade item.

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    Uhh . . . Punting this over to Primal Scream.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Ngreth doesn't have much to do with the code for copying toons over from the Test server.
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      Heh that'd be TO the test server but yes ANYTHING you make with a copied item will end up with a NO TRADE result. This was implemented to stop people from copying over a bunch of ts stuff then sell it on the server, then recopy and do it all over again

      Good change if you ask me
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        Was not my decision at all, but I fully understand (and support) the decision.

        Though it can be a pain, it allows people to TEST on the test server without adversely affecting the economy on the test server
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