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    I have some questions about a few general and enchanter AA's, and I can't access the other sites right now, so I was wondering if any of you knew the answers.

    1. What's the difference between Natrual Durability and General Sturdiness?

    2. What's the difference between Silent Casting vs Spell Casting Subtlety?

    3. Sanguine Mind Crystal: Are they No Drop? What about No Rent?

    4. Mnemonic Retention 2: What level do you have to be to get this AA?

    5. I saw a list that said enchanters get several Enchant xxx AA's. How/where do I get them?

    -- C.

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    Just off the top of my head...
    1) Natural Durability increases hp by a percentage, Sturdiness increase it by a fixed number of hit points. Generally, Durability is better to get before Sturdiness.

    2) Silent casting is a triggered effect (meaning it only reduces mobs aggro while it's active), whereas Subtlety is always active (and has smaller reduction percentage).

    3) Dunno

    4) Dunno (once you have MR1, the AA window will tell you what level is needed)

    5) I'm not sure they're AAs, but rather regular abilities. I think they did this so they could put a different timer on them that isn't tied to how long you've had the spelled memmed. As I recall, some of the timers are like 8 hours or more. And no one would want to keep a spell memmed for 8 hours before they could use it.
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      I saw a list that said enchanters get several Enchant xxx AA's. How/where do I get them?
      They're researched as a spell, but then you right-click on the scroll and they become an AA at no cost under the "class" tab. Here's the list.
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        Thank you very much for your replies!

        -- C.
        PS: I finally got 250+ in the basic 7 trade skills. I'm now in the 1750 club, for what it's worth. Not sure I want to go for the 2100 club. Ich.


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          4) Level 70.

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            Originally posted by Minta Rose View Post
            4) Level 70.

            Pretty sure it's 75 actually. That's why I don't have it on my SK yet (only 73.)


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              it is 75 (I have both ranks)