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New Cultural Weapons: Let's Name Them

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  • New Cultural Weapons: Let's Name Them

    I really like the new cultural weapons and augs. Good balance, nice challenge, trivs seem right, I like the selection of augs with different effects.

    They mean something when made and I have decided to name each one after I make them. So far I have made about a dozen and sold them for decent profit and with great joy to buyer and seller alike.

    So far we have made:

    The Razor of Ak'Anon (piercer for a Gnomish rogue)
    The Angry Inch (leather sap)
    Captain Crunch (long hammer)
    The Big Hurt (great axe)
    Mother's Little Helper (whip)
    Toothpick of Sol Ro (piercer with fire lord aug)

    So when you are making these, add some fun to it. Christen it, name it and /ooc it. Make it fun but get it done.

    Squeaky Toy
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