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I am starting to hate Eron's

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  • I am starting to hate Eron's

    After having the stuff in bank taking space for 2 months I decided to get the last thing needed for step 2. I did it and got the reward. NOW when I try to combine the Jwelry, pattern and Uncut combine start I get the following:
    This seems correct but something is wrong. perhaps you need to know something more in order to combine this.

    I have 300 baking, JC. 288 Brewing 282 Pottery. While I will admit my fletching , tailoring, smithing are all low thise are not used on this step as I understand it.
    Any help out there? The task manager says my next step is to do this combine.

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    You need to scribe the recipe from the scroll you were given.
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      Got it. Had to change it by clicking it in an empty jewelry kit first.
      Tied up a GM for 45 min trying to look up why it wasn't working since I had all the items.
      Thanx Sactha


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        I believe that all through the quest combines, the item needs to be in melee mode.
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