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  • Bloodmoon woes

    After months of looking for an opportunity to get to the spiders in Bloodmoon for Eron's, I finally saw someone I knew heading in the right direction and who let me tag along while his group did part of Spiritvoid. My mage/beast duo was left with the pit mostly cleared and only a few wereorcs between me and the drop-down to the safe tunnel west of the spiders. After some pretty brutal fighting and whisker-thin close fights due to repops, I made it to my goal. Then I had to figure out a way to single pull spiders to where I could pet-tank them. This I did too, using some fancy moves with CoH. After a couple sessions down there I found myself with 4 spider eggs and I had visions of finally finishing Eron's jewelry, I was already working out in my head how I could single pull mobs in Steam Factory to get the last drops I needed.

    It was not to be.

    One tiny mistake, just one. I pulled a wereorc to the room and ran just a little too close to my parked mage and I hit pet attack a split second too late. The wereorc ended up barely in arm's reach of the mage. Mage gets splatted by a couple backhanded blows and dies faster than I even realized he was in danger. My beast all alone now has zero chance to sinlge pull. No way to get a rezzer there or to get the mage back. I would have screamed in rage except that would have aggroed KOS wife if I woke our sleeping baby in the early morning.

    Back to square one. Looking for an escort to get me through 30+ orcs so I can collect one more blasted spider egg.
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    I feel your pain. It is hard knowing you could solo the mobs if you could just get to them.
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