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  • Nest Drake Eggs

    I've done it... I have managed to upset my playing partner with SoE's help.
    A little comment "Hey Hon... why don't you work on your "new" brewers trophy"
    I'm not sure what she is trying to make but I volunteered to go fish in Nedaria for some salmon (bones to make a glue to make a pot) She while I was working my fishing up (go go fishing 1-33) she was in Stillmoon killing drakes looking for the fabled "nest drake egg"...
    I had finished catching my salmon and we joined up to head into Lavaspinners to get her eggs, 2 hours later we moved to thundercrest isles (yaay green con for xp) after another 1.5 hours we have given up.

    In aproximately 5 hours of farming killing hundreds of drakes (verified mob type via EQTraders and Allas) we did not have one nest drake egg drop.

    PS. Don't ever after 5 hours of camping say "Hon is this your hardest combine?"

    CT server

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    Try the nest.


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      Considering that they are nest drake eggs that might be a better place to hunt for them.
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        Ok I'll go hunt the Nest... and report back.
        If they are dropping in the nest fine I will badger people till the "drop" tables on this site are fixed.
        I figure with so many people so active on the boards they would have taken the time to contact the board admin to adjust the drop tables as posted.


        This item is dropped from mobs:
        Lavaspinner's Lair
        a Delve diviner
        a Delve drake
        a Delve spellbinder
        a Delve evoker
        Stillmoon Temple
        a Stillmoon drake
        Thundercrest Isles
        an Isle guardian
        an Isle defender
        an Isle enlightener
        an Isle windraker
        Tirranun's Delve
        a Delve spellbinder
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          The drop tables on the site are all from reports by individual players. If we list the item dropping from a particular mob, it's because a player told us it did.

          It's very hard to prove the reverse, though. If you tell us, "I killed 20 of mob X and it didn't drop a single one!", that could simply be bad luck. If you kill 200, it could still be bad luck. If you kill two million, it could still be bad luck -- though in that case, it's highly unlikely.
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            I remember get 1 every now and then in a Creator back in the day, but I saw more MDS / GDH than Nest Drake Eggs at that time.
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              156 drake kills in the nest over 4 hours.
              Dropped from A Nest Auspex, and A Nest Defender

              I have posted a request in the update forum heading to adjust the drop list.
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