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So we got a lot of snow....

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  • So we got a lot of snow....

    And some people in these parts took it personally.

    As I waded through hip-deep snow to get to my car this morning, I could see it - I really could!

    Plow driver attacked by shovel-wielding man

    Wednesday February 19, 2003

    FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) A Framingham man was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after he allegedly attacked a plow driver with a shovel after the driver blocked his driveway with snow.

    Stephen C. Meninno, 49, of Framingham, was arrested just before 1 a.m. Tuesday during the blizzard that dumped up to two feet of snow on the region. He was also charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

    Police said the plow driver told investigators that Meninno yelled at him and said he wasn't plowing correctly. The driver told police Meninno grabbed a shovel and hit him.

    ``He claimed the town employee was taunting him by going up and down the street plowing the road,'' said Lt. Lou Griffith.

    The driver, who police would not identify, was not hurt.

    Meninno could not be reached for comment Wednesday. He does not have a listed telephone number.

    He pleaded innocent at his arraignment Tuesday in Framingham District Court.

    (Copyright 2003 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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    Ha ha ha ha ha!! Sounds like something that'd happen around here. Every time they predict flurries there's a run at the stores on milk, bread, and road salt. People just loose their heads. :roll:

    We only got a few inches plus a bunch of ice out of that storm, but I've been having a ball sliding around en route to places.
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      A few winters ago we had about four inches of snow. A guy in South Philly was shoveling his driveway, and the snow wound up on the neighbor's property. Said neighbor took a .44 and shot the shoveler. Shoveler died.

      Snowed Rage. <Sigh>
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        Well, I moved from right outside of Chicago to the middle of the Mojave Desert, that was 12 years ago. However, fond memories of digging the car out of the snow, and not so fond memories of the snow plows burying the end of the driveway about 20 feet deep.........

        Yeah, I could see getting angry at the plow guy... but now I just get mad at the weatherman for saying Sunny and Warm, which translates to Blinding and Hot.

        Oh well.....

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          I'm from the western part of Mass, but live in Providence, RI for college, and I could see that happening. A LOT of my fellow students were very upset they had there cars blowed in. That parking lot has a huge mountain of snow that will be there till summer I bet!
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            There are two temperatures in the Mojave...really hot and it's-going-to-melt-your-tires-today hot...

            "But it's a dry heat!"

            I'll take heat with no humidity over any kind of humidity any day...
            &lt;-- another transplanted mid-westerner

            But I do miss fall. I *don't* miss snow. ("What's snow?")

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              I just love it when it's hot enough that motorcycles fall over because the kick stand sinks into the softened pavement.

              I'm in Southern Califonia now though, we had a week of clouds and some rain... but it's back to normal today.

              Sunshine, beautiful, light breeze, kinda makes you want to take a book out and read in a park for lunch...
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                what is this "snow" everyone whines about?

                I'm heading out tonight for a romantic dinner in a cafe overlooking the ocean. After that, we'll walk down the beach. Maybe we'll start a fire if the temperature dips into the 50's.

                Gotta love San Diego.

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