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  • Playing on Test Server

    I hate to ask such a noob question but is the test server available to any player or does one have to be a beta tester?
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    Anyone can play on test, you have to log into it from your EQ Directory files, I forget just how to but it's not that hard. I remember doing it to check out the new Jagged Pine zone when it went up on it. Hope it helps.
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      Just a warning about playing on Test... it goes down without notice, there is no GM support, and you have to repatch daily (and also if you go back to a live server).

      Other than that, it's a quiet environment, and most people I've met there have been extremely friendly and helpful. The economy is a little wacky, and it can be a little lonely in some areas. If I ever tire of server and guild drama, I'll spend my time fully on the Test server before thinking of quitting EQ altogether. *ahhh peace and quiet*

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        Actually, if you have the space on your hard drive and go over to test often enough, I would suggest copying your live EQ directory into another directory and keep your test and live configurations seperate. I switch between test and live often and don't have to worry about a huge download going from one to the other all the time that way.

        And I just want to reiterate the point about no GM support on test... When you are sitting on a dock and you go afk and come back to find yourself drowning underwater and a nearby necro locates your corpse OUTSIDE of the zone... you can kiss your equipment goodbye.

        On the other hand, people on test are generally very friendly and will respond well to maturity. For example, said necro (high level fellow) gave me a little money to get myself started again when he discovered I was out of luck. I never asked for anything other than some help to find my corpse, respectfully of course.

        Test is truly a refreshing environment.
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