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    i just started playing EQ "agin" a freind of mine was playing EQ back in 2007-8ish and i had made an acount to play with them, rl issues .. i had to quit to take care of my own stuff, in a long series of moving around i had lost my acount info blah blah, out of sight out of mind i hand't heard from them in so long i forgot all about EQ.

    so a couple weeks back i got my acount back/up and going agin, bought the newest expansion packs and have started once agin to work on my wizard who was level 41 and now have him up to 55.

    i am on Bristlebane "Balassar" is the name of my wizard, i dont know alot of people yet but i got into Ring of Valor from what i hear is a very solid guild with alot of older player type's, but most of them are already pro endgame toons, so i thought i would ask around and see if there where some other's out in the world who would like to adventure around and play with me.

    i have already quested Staff of Temporal flux and aquired my journeymen's boots sense i returned, i'm hoping that Vox could be in the near future so i can get white dragon hide cape, and some teaming up to go after my epic which i already started the 1.0 quests but don't think i can reliably solo them yet, maybe i could solo them around 65-75ish once i can make better use out of my trio jewlery and i have more damage output spellwise. anyhow, if some would be intrested in gaming with a newbie wizard, weather alt or new yourself as well, plz hit me up on Bristlebane.

    Balassar Dragonspire.