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Looking for some Vah Shir help...

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  • Looking for some Vah Shir help...

    I've been playing my beastlord for a change of pace... However, I've been doing the Vah Shir cloak/weapon quest, and I'm stuck.

    I need one of each Vah Shir class to do a combine so that I can make my weapons:

    Bard: Ceramic Claw Sleeve (Pottery)
    *Unfinished Ceramic Claw Sleeve Set (Quest)
    - Sonic Wolf Blood (dropped from Sonic Wolves)
    - Owlbear Bile (dropped from Owlbears)
    - Claw Lining Sketches (Quest)
    - Black Silt Clay (Ground Spawn in Hollowshade Moor)
    - Ashes of Dark Rituals (dropped from Grimling Mystics and Grimling Spiritists)
    - Combined in a weapon assembly kit (storebought)
    *Quality Firing Sheet (storebought)
    *Combined in a Kiln

    Rogue: Sonic Wolf Bane (Baking)
    *Reddish Brown Powder
    - Tortoise Saliva (dropped from Moor Tortoises)
    - Poison Dart Felt (dropped from Grimling Spiritists)
    - Sonic Wolf Blood (dropped from Sonic Wolves)
    - Digested Salass Moss (dropped from Owlbears)
    *Poison Vial (storebought)
    *Water Flask (storebought)

    Shaman: Reactive Sealant Soak (Baking)
    *Crystalized Ygri Root (Quest)
    *Black Salt Crystals (Quest)
    *Digested Night Palm (dropped from Owlbears)
    *Sonic Wolf Brain (dropped from Sonic Wolves)
    *Water Flask (storebought)
    *Ceremonial Metal Strainer (Quest)

    Warrior: Porous Claw Set (Smithing)
    *Bag of White Sand (dropped off Grimlings)
    *Chunk of Porous Ore (Quest)
    *Claw Mold (storebought)
    *Powdered Wolf Claws (dropped off Sonic Wolves)
    *Sonic Wolf Blood (dropped off Sonic Wolves)
    *Water Flask (storebought)

    I have all but one owlbear claw for a quest to get one of the items I need for the Beastlord combine.
    Beastlord: Toughened Sinew Lashings (Tailoring)
    *Sinew Stretching Dowels (Quest)
    *Owlbear Tendons (dropped off Owlbears)
    *Sonic Wolf Tendons (dropped off Sonic Wolves)
    *Kelp Salts (dropped off Moor Tortoises)
    *Fish Oil Soaked Rags (dropped off Grimling Fishermen)

    Once I get the other owlbear claw I need, I'll have the dowels and can do my combine, and I will need the remaing classes parts to make my new claws to continue the quest, any/all Vah Shir help would be appreciated.
    Earthguard Krystoff BadLlama
    70th Feir'Dal Plainswalker of Tunare
    Fletching - 300 (GM Trophy)
    Smithing - 224
    Tailoring - 220
    Pottery - 224
    Baking - 250 (GM Trophy)
    Brewing - 255 (GM Trophy)
    Jewel Craft - 250 (GM Trophy)
    Fishing - 200
    All Languages - 100