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  • Come to Xegony

    While the skills pages are slightly out of date, the Xegony Board has listings for high (200+, generally) skill tradeskillers on Xegony.

    I will be nagging people to get their information updated and I'll get the master lists updated soon, now that Tax Season is winding down at last.

    Feel free to send me a tell on Xegony... My trader-wench Adelie is normally logged in and you can leave me a message. The EQTraders channel is passworded, but the password is listed on a sticky post on the Xegony board.
    Angelsyn Whitewings, Cleric of Tunare for 66! Seasons.
    Grandmistress Smith - 300, Grandmistress Tailor - 300, Potter - 300, Jeweler - 300, Brewer - 200, Baker - 200, Fletcher - 200, Fisherwoman - 169
    Keyne Falconer, Paladin of Erollisi Marr for 66 Seasons.
    Grandmistress Baker - 300, Grandmistress Blacksmith - 300, Potter - 200, Brewer - 139, Tailor - 91