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  • velium studs...

    Im looking to buy velium studs.
    I would prefer to only buy them if you have a 10-slot backpack full of stacks of 20 velium studs though as opposed to buying them in small amounts.

    Im not sure exactly how much one of these would cost to make, but if you farm the velium and just buy the temper im guessing around 40-70pp per stud.
    Anyway Ill pay around 15k per bag as I described above. If this is unfair post here and we can work out another reasonably fair price that we can both agree on.


    In game send a tell to

    The later I may not respond right away as its my trader so I only read once or twice a day but I can get back to you.


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    ok ok

    I really need these velium studs....

    Im upping my price to 25k per bag....

    Thats 1, 10-slot bag full of velium studs(which should be 200 studs) for 25k

    I will but up to 4 of these bags. all at once or as you bring them to me. If you can actually bring me all 4 bags at once Ill probably toss in a bonus or something.

    Also if you want to help me but it may take a week or two at least let me know and I will tell other people that I already have someone so you dont farm them for nothing.


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      just in case someone still wanted to make these for me I have received an offer and someone is currently working on the studs.
      Thank you to those who may have shown interest and for great information and help on the boards.