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    I have 420 CEs for you as of right now. If you need more just let me know. I have not been able to catch you in game yet as to setup a time to deliver them, also sent a PM but no response.

    BTW if anyone else needs CEs made for other combines just let me know, I do not mind making them and I think I have a competitive price on them. Thanks again Angelsyn.
    Thoven Kongqui
    Transcendent of Mortality

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    I'm really, really sorry about that... The past couple weeks have been really hectic (again!).

    I will be sure to set aside some time tomorrow night (Thursday). Expect me after 6pm PST (9pm EST).
    Angelsyn Whitewings, Cleric of Tunare for 66! Seasons.
    Grandmistress Smith - 300, Grandmistress Tailor - 300, Potter - 300, Jeweler - 300, Brewer - 200, Baker - 200, Fletcher - 200, Fisherwoman - 169
    Keyne Falconer, Paladin of Erollisi Marr for 66 Seasons.
    Grandmistress Baker - 300, Grandmistress Blacksmith - 300, Potter - 200, Brewer - 139, Tailor - 91