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Looking to buy a Thunderous Heraldic Bracer or two

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  • Looking to buy a Thunderous Heraldic Bracer or two

    Let me know if anyone is interested in making these pieces, unfortunatly this diety seems rare on xegony so I'm not able to find it in the bazaar.
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    If you gather all the junk, I'll hit combine for ya.
    Oh, *and* I have a druid that can imbue the pebbles
    Wyst, 65 Coercer of Inner Circle
    Grandmaster Trader


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      Being the lazy bastard I am, I'd rather just buy it, ready to wear, but I guess you can't have everything.

      Anyway, thanks for your offer! ....I guess my question now would be what items do I actually need to get? I glanced at the recipe and it looks kinda complicated, with items that need to be combined for the final ingredients. If you could list out what items I need to fetch, that would be very helpful, thanks!


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        Wyst is an enchanter, so she can enchant the HQ Bricks herself.

        The big items to collect are:

        1. Essence of Sunlight. You need 2 of these per attempt. Drop primarily in Skyfire, though they do (sometimes) drop off Sand Giants in the Oasis & SRo.

        2. Bricks of Velium. Fairly easy to find in the Bazaar.

        You will also need Griffenne Blood, Rain Water & Plains Pebbles (1 each per attempt), but those are very common.

        You can save a step by trying to buy Royal Tempers in the Bazaar... if you see them.
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          Thanks Angelsyn for the pointers. I'll try to gather these components to make it easier.


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            Gathering and creating these components is going to be much harder than it looks unfortunately. Is there anyone willing to make these for sale?
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              edit - pls disregard this thread, i found one finally
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