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  • WTB Stonehide Boots

    Looking for a tailor with access to PoE drops that can make me a set of Stonehide Armor Boots. Its the last peice i need for the whole set and i have not found the components for sale in the bazaar to attempt my own combines. (plus i'm only up to 223 atm + geerlok so i don't want to risk it without access to components). I will pay a good price for these boots, just to get rid of the annouyance of not being able to complete the set =p.

    I can be reached on the tribunal server mostly daytime est. up till 6pm est. on one of the following characters: woodcarver (main) , dirtnaps (playing on him mostly these days), zonkerz(trader), off chance of some old characters like envious, eprah, covetous, accoustic.

    thank you much for any replies.

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    Anyone know if there is a trade skill community still active on The Tribunal? I've made a few lvl 1 characters on 5 or 6 other servers and i am not seeing the variety of player crafted items for sale on Tribunal that i see on other servers, you see very few at all out side of smithing the different heraldic armors.


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      The Tribunal is quite an old server. There are a LOT of grandmasters around in every skill because of the Aid Grimel quest. Most of these people do not farm and make items though. Elemental armors are a little harder to come by because the drops aren't really that common either.
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        Looking for a GM Tailor/Smith for combines

        Howdy again folks. Well after 2 more failed attempts ( 1 Mine 233 skill, 1 another tailor 250 skill i believe) i am looking for someone with 250 skill + trophy / shears to attempt to make these Stonehide Boots. I have enough components for 4 more attempts + some extras and then i am calling it a done deal and i am not meant to wear these things

        Woodcarver is set up as a trader most times when i am not on and has all the items i have listed ( prices are set too high for anyone to want to buy them ) so you can check him out in bazaar and see what i have for components. I am supplying all the stuff needed just need someone who is a GM Smith/Tailor to do the combines.

        When i am online (daytime EST) i am usually on Dirtnaps my Monk.

        Thank you for any replies either here or in game


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          Ah finally wearing my booties

          Thanks to Lemonade, who was nice enough to do the combine for me today I now have my Stonehide boots to complete the set. Thanks to all the people that contacted me in game also.