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looking for a GM hafling on tribunal

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  • looking for a GM hafling on tribunal

    Hi im looking for a GM hafling tailor on the tribunal to make me some haversack i have the acorn oil,woven dire wolf furs,and the infused platinum threads just need the combine willing to pay well.

    Thanks toons name is eczema 54 monk on the tribunal

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    might want to try your server specific forum for buying and selling tradeskill items.


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      I have the stuff for 3 combines on the haversacks.Paying 1k for each success.I know there is chance for fails not a problem.

      Eczema 54 monk of the tribunal


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        Bess (bazaar mule Beena) is a 250 halfling tailor. She has made a number of haversacks for me.
        Aanelar Gudfellow, Head of the Gudfellow Clan

        Master Artisan


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          Bess, to my best recollection, has not been on for many months. I used to collect tufts for her, and eventually gave up.

          However...I started a halfling alt and have been working on tailoring with her. Her name is Dryandra. Her tailoring is only 210 so far, but she is 6 successes out of 6 attempts on Haversacks. Either the RNG loves her, or the Haversack combine has a small chance of failure.

          If you are willing to take the chance of being her first failure, she will be happy to help you.

          You may contact Dryandra or Ambrya or our bazaar mule Rykambra at any time. If I am afk in the bazaar, leave a message and I will respond as soon as I check in on the mule.
          Huntress Ambrya Naturechild
          65th Wood Elf Ranger of Tunare