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    For those on the 7th Hammer Server-we're trying to get a channel going for TS Enthusiasts...if you want to join, its called thecraft

    Beffas Bonderhill
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    we already have a server-wide channel: serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders
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      thecraft - 7th Hammer Server Chat Channel

      A bit about the server channel on 7th Hammer: thecraft (no password)

      A server channel can do things a serverwide can't always do...

      We have helped each other decide how to price new items to cover the expenses and the time involved farming and making items...

      We have helped each other farm components in odd and annoying places.

      We have fished and foraged zones together.

      We have given away supplies we didn't need.

      We have done combines for other tradeskill junkies at cost.

      We have helped end price wars in the bazaar for items, by agreeing to sell items at a similar price, instead of undercutting each other below the cost of making combines.

      We also sometimes hunt with each other...

      We have been the secret tradeskiller family on 7th Hammer.

      Anyway, thecraft is looking for a few tradeskill junkies, who enjoy helping other tradeskill junkies...If that turns your smile from to then please add it to your autojoin!


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        Password on thecraft

        FYI, since one of our crafters never takes the password out of her autojoins... thecraft:thecraft is the channel name. Please let your crafting friends know.


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          Putting this post back into the 30 day cycle


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            Does anyone know what happened to the serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders chat channel.
            I was in it and all of a sudden was removed on 3-1-2007, I could not rejoin it and it has been in my autojoin for some time now.. I went to SoE tech and posted help there but no help so far,, all I get is Missing String now when I try to join it,, was the PW changed or something..

            Dinbasi Greenleaves (75 Wood Elf Druid) -- Tribunal