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  • Greetings Fellow Crafters

    Hello.. Since the merger with Lanys and the departure of EQ2, I've found that I only know about 25% of the regular crafters on the server these days... A far cry from the 75% of regulars I used to know...

    Also I've found it hard to refer friends and guildmates to someone who can do a combine for them, when its race restricted...because I can't seem to find the right person quickly enough... Even though they have all the items, and are willing to pay someone to click combine...

    In any case the reason I am making this post, is to invite regular tradeskill junkies to our server's tradeskill chat channel. The channel is there for tradeskillers to discuss things with other tradeskillers, without having to cope with the general spam of other chat channels.

    It is a community of tradeskillers who are willing to do the following things:

    1. Be nice to other tradeskillers.
    2. Share recipie information.
    3. Share mob and drop information.
    4. Help other crafters farm annoying components, now and then.
    5. Help make items for other crafters, now and then, for a reasonable fee.
    6. Help set fair prices for crafted items, so we are not undercutting each other out of business in the bazaar.
    7. Cheer for high end tradeskill skillups! They are harder to get than pings!

    If you are a tradeskiller that plays on the 7th Hammer and this sounds like a community channel you would like to be a part of, please send me an in game email to SOE.EQ.Seventh.Caprich listing some of your tradeskill interests, and I will reply with the channel information.

    I would have posted the channel information on this page, but I would rather have this channel remain dedicated to the support of the tradeskilling community rather than become a 'I am looking for a Race / Skill who does free combines' channel.

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    Look for my mail soon. I really like this idea.
    I call for the elimination of EQ levels 1-50.


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      Moving this thread up


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        Brushes the dust off this thread...

        Judging by how often this forum gets posts... I think im safe in posting the channel name. Its:


        No password. Please encourage your tradeskiller friends to autojoin.