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  • Looking for iksar smith

    Hi there,
    My husband's working on tailoring with his lizard monk and would like to start his DoN cultural armor, but we've been unable to find an iksar sewing kit for him. Since his monk's not his main tradeskiller, he'd rather not take up smithing himself if he can avoid it.
    So if any iksar smiths happen across this thread and would be willing to make a cultural sewing kit, look for Theronna trying to acquire one in buyer mode or send an eqmail/tell to Gorulak.
    Thanks much!

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    Ello, My main should be able to make one for you tho i'm not sure what all the components would be. I should be getting back to eq in a few days (wisdom teeth getting pulled lol) Look for Samhaen online or feel free to send eqmail. Thanks :-)