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  • Planar Pottery Items

    I'm currently producing many very nice planar pottery items. If you have any questions about my prices or wish to buy, contact me in game or search for my bazaar mule, Zzel.

    To go along with that I'm looking for various components used in the construction of these items. There are too many to list, so just go to the main site here for a complete listing.

    If you wish for me to make an item for you, please bring enough components for at least 2 tries for each item you want made. You keep one success, I the other if I succeed. If you wish to keep both then a small payment will be expected for the effort.

    I know this may come across as cruel, but I would prefer to not have the market ruined by people selling my work.
    Dragoron - 70 Arch Magus
    Baking 300 - Brewing 300 - Jewelcraft 300
    Pottery 300 - Fletching 282 - Smithing 280
    Tailoring 253 - Research 201 - Fishing 200